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This is by far our favorite #Occupy video. Looks like Mr. Hall might not be a “real” 99%er.

H/T: GatewayPundit & Breitbart.Tv

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A investigation has uncovered that the man whose epic meltdown video at the “Occupy Wall Street” protests went viral is really Edward T. Hall III. Mr. Hall is a Columbia graduate student who has a trust fund set up by his grandfather. He recently made headlines for trying to board a flight at JFK airport by hopping the ticket counter and diving onto the baggage carousel. 

He was charged with trespassing and is free on “conditional release.”

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  1. Roger Moore

    This guy is a idiot and a total LOOSER!!!!!!!! He makes no sense at all and belongs in a mental HOSIPTIAL
    The cops should Baker Act this little scumbag. F him. These people have no clear message, just a hodge podge of loosers and drug addicts, Mabey they should try something productive like starting a business, or WORKING. The real scary thing is these morons will be breeding more idiots. They are pigs just like the low life politicians that are trying to side with this scum. I would like to see the cops get out fire hoses and disperse these pigs and send them to jail.


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