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Wisconsin state superintendent Tony Evers, the state’s top educator, recently endorsed a “student bill of rights” created by a radical and controversial group “Youth Empowered in the Struggle.” But what’s in the bill of rights?

• Students have a right to a school environment where all teachers and staff have the right to collectively bargain.
• Students have the right to a focused and peaceful environment through mutual respect between teachers and students. This should translate into equal power dynamics in the classroom…
• Students who are in the process of learning English deserve access to their school’s curriculum with support in their native language.
• Schools must document the demographics of students who are reprimanded by police in school, suspended, or expelled, in order to track and protect against racial profiling.
• Students have the right to beneficial activities aimed at improving their self-esteem, physical well-being and overall person.
• Students who have plans to enter the work force should be provided with worker rights orientation…

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