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The recall primary election is behind held in Wisconsin today. Governor Scott Walker faces “progressive Republican,” aka interloper Arthur Kohl-Riggs and the democrats can choose between ultra Leftist Kathleen Falk and Tom Barrett.

While Walker is the clear favorite in the Republican primary and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is favored over Falk, there is one fear that some have pointed out after observing the Wisconsin ballot: ANYONE can vote for either party on the ballot.

A picture of today’s recall ballot is below:

As long as voters do not for more than one candidate running for the same office (meaning you can’t vote in both the Republican and a Democrat races), a Democrat can vote for a Republican and vice versa on the same ballot. What does that mean? Well, some Democrats might prefer not to wait for the recall election in June and instead vote Walker out now by casting a primary vote for Kohl-Riggs.

For this reason is it imperative that Republicans in Wisconsin get out the vote today.

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