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In October, Rebelpundit posted a video of Black Activists, Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward, speaking out about the policies that have hurt the black community. They pointed out that things under Democrat control have only made things worse in the inner city. The video went viral and it created an opening for Republicans to reach out to the black community and begin a dialogue on what will create change.

As made clear in an article in Wisconsin Reporter, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos, didn’t get the message.

On Tuesday, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, announced the creation of the Public Benefit Reform Committee. While the new committee’s chair or its members have yet to be announced, Vos said the committee is a “reflection” of the Assembly’s priorities this session.

“Assembly Republicans also have a large number of entitlement reforms that we’d like to consider this session,” Vos said in a statement. “We need to weed out fraud, waste and abuse to ensure that people who really need temporary assistance are getting it.”

Once again, Republicans jump to welfare reform in terms of forcing those receiving it to be drug-tested, regulating the type of foods recipients can buy and cutting off those they deem to be “abusing” the system.

If Vos really wanted to take a look at who is abusing the system and keeping those who really need benefits from getting them, he might take a look at those who are skimming the most off the top. As reported earlier by, 30-40% of community block grant dollars go to the salaries of those implementing the system itself.

These kind of reforms Vos and the GOP are talking about, aren’t going to fix anything. Just like the Democrats have, Vos has put everyone on welfare in the same box. He wants to make it harder for people to get benefits, but he offers no alternatives to help people end the cycle of government dependence. He just wants to “blame the victims.” Then, like the Democrats he so often criticizes, assumes he knows what’s best for poor people.

If Vos had any integrity, he would reach out to the people who are in the situation of being dependent on government to find out what it is that will provide them with the ability to end that dependence. It’s politicians like Vos, whose self-interest and need for power have turned the country into the opposite of the land of opportunity. Perhaps if he actually spent some time with real people like Paul, Mark, Joe and Noonie, he’d begin to understand what the real world is like beyond his plush office in the state capitol. But he has no interest in fixing things, only creating another another committee to make it look like he’s interested.

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  1. Robert Ball

    Now, when are the Republicans going to get with it. When will they realize that we all want the same thing, whether black, white or zebra striped.

  2. Tom Simpson

    If the Republican Party sees no money in it, they will not get involved. It’s the Party of Wall Street bigwigs and Corporate Carpetbaggers who shipped their production to China. I have a response: “If you can’t make it here, we can’t buy it here!” The Republican Party has come a long way to nowhere since it was known as the Party of Lincoln. Heck, the Democratic Party was known as the Party of Treason. August Belmont allied with JP Morgan against the industrial interests of the US. But everything changed for the Republicans when Teddy Roosevelt took over the Presidency after McKinley was assassinated by the British. That’s when the Republicans began to adopt the foreign policies of the British Empire. This “walk softly and carry a big stick” nonsense! That’s British “gunboat diplomacy” by another name. And because both Parties had been corrupted and co-opted by British agents of influence, the United States became embroiled in an unjust world war under the Presidency of KKK supporter Woodrow Wilson. So the Republican Party was in a state of flux then, and it’s supporters, (all blacks were Republicans then), were without a voice in Washington. While President Wilson sent our troops to Europe to fight a German army we should have allied with against our real enemy, the British Empire! After the war, the Republican Party lost it’s majority base when blacks became Democrats under the Presidency of FDR. He saved the nation. Again. The Democratic Party base was made up of minorities, farmers, labor and small businessmen. It remained that way until the tuity fruity boys, funded by the Ford Foundation funded, came in with their anti-science-anti-industry political correctness disease in the 60’s. The Civil Rights movement was wrapped in the poor economic conditions that still haunted the South, known for it’s low paying jobs with little or no benefits The Northern shops represented a gateway to better pay and living standards, and many blacks migrated to fill those jobs the auto industry offered. So it was a mixed bag. The Vietnam war raging too. It aroused MLK and RFK to fight back against the military industrial complex that Eisenhower had warned about. The same cabal that allied with Wall St and the British to kill JFK. So now we’re in a similar dangerous situation as our ancestors were just before war broke out in Europe in 1914. Instead of making Russia a partner for peace and global development, Obama chose to turn against Russia on advice of his handlers, Valeri Jarrett, Susan Rice and Samantha Power. These are the agents of influence of British Imperial policy who intend to back President Putin down. As of this moment, Russia is preparing to fight WWIII unless Obama is removed from office immediately. That is the reality of the world we live in now. the Republican Party has made a dirty deal with Obama. And the Democrats have capitulated, out of fear, to Obama. Thus corruption and cowardice has brought us to the brink of WWIII. If Obama is not kicked out along with his advisors, we’re good as dead already.

    • CappyObv

      Maybe there really is something in the water.
      … at “Tom Simpson’s” house.

  3. the botnet

    Welfare benefit reform is popularly supported by those who voted for the supermajority WI State Assembly and the newly-conservative State Senate majority. Leader Vos is a bright guy, and welfare reform is low-hanging fruit. If the Legislature passes welfare reform which cuts off druggies, it will be tied up in courts for years (for reference, see voter ID and public union reforms under Act 10). If a reform measure which demands drug testing of welfare recipients eventually survives legal challenge, who will side with those on the dole who are drug users? Not me.

    As far as the executive cream at the top of block grants, I believe it is in everybody’s interest to minimize the executive cost of disbursing taxpayer dollars… and you will find our current State Legislature is deeply interested in this as well. I have found our Assembly representatives to be quite responsive to my concerns by reaching out to them via “Book of Faces”, and though I’ve never tried to contact them by phone I suspect such an action would elicit even greater personal response.

    Robin Vos is not a demon, and I believe he’s a guy who we’d be hard-pressed to replace with somebody more thoughtful, prudent, and reserved. His job is to act in the best interests of We The Taxpayer while acting as a good steward of our tax dollars. Thus far he appears to fulfill that which he is expected.

    I hope with the new solid conservative majority in the State Senate (coupled with the already solid Assembly) Speaker Vos can drive conservative reform in the State government. I trust he shall.


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