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According to an examination of socio-economic measures, 24/7 Wall St. determined that Wisconsin is the worst state for black Americans. This was based on a number of factors.

Based on our index, Wisconsin is the worst state for black Americans. Typical black Wisconsin households made roughly half the white median household income, a wider income gap than in the majority of states. Wisconsin’s black residents were also far less likely than white residents to have health insurance, with a gap of more than 30 percentage points. Black Americans in Wisconsin are at a much greater risk of death than their white peers as well, which could be due in part to poor health coverage. There were 980 deaths per 100,000 people among Wisconsin’s black population — one of the highest rates nationwide. This figure represents 288 more deaths than the comparable rate for white residents, nearly the largest gap reviewed. Black Wisconsin residents were also nearly 10 times more likely than white residents to go to prison, nearly the largest gap. Black children in Wisconsin had worse educational outcomes than both their white classmates and their black peers in other states. Milwaukee led the nation of most racially-segregated U.S. cities, which may actually make the problem in Wisconsin more a problem for Milwaukee, where the vast majority of the state’s black population lives.

The study found that even in the worst states there were opportunities to get good jobs and live in safe communities. But those opportunities aren’t as accessible for black Americans as they are white Americans.

Another major contributor is poor educational outcomes. Not only did Wisconsin have poorer outcomes for black children compared to white children, they also had poorer outcomes then black children in other states.

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