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Ozaukee County District Attorney, Adam Gerol, says that because Susan Happ chose to try the case in a double homicide, the killer of an off-duty cop and her boyfriend will be out of prison in 10 years instead of 47. According to Wisconsin Reporter, Gerol said he came forward because out of concern because it could be an indication of what she will be as Attorney General.

A prominent Wisconsin district attorney tells Wisconsin Reporter that Happ’s decision to personally prosecute the homicide case and not turn it over to more qualified prosecutors was an egregious error in judgment that cost a slain young couple and the community at large justice. It was a decision, says Ozaukee County District Attorney Adam Gerol, that will turn a dangerous man loose in another five years.

The case centered around the shooting of off-duty police officer, Jennifer Luick and her boyfriend, Gregg Peters. The two were in a bar when there was a confrontation between Peters and Adam Wirth. They went out into the parking lot where Wirth shot Peters three times, one of the bullets passing through his body and killing Luick.

Despite Happ having no experience in trying a homicide case, she didn’t ask for the assistance of someone who did. Wirth was originally charged with two counts of first degree homicide and three counts of recklessly endangering safety. Happ asked that the three lower counts be dismissed. Wirth was acquitted of the first-degree homicide charges, and instead found guilty of two counts of homicide by negligent handling of a weapon, a sentence carrying 10 years. Gerol says that if Happ hadn’t dropped the three counts of recklessly endangering safety, Wirth was facing another 37 1/2 years if found guilty.

This isn’t the first time the AG candidate has come under fire. She was accused of letting a child molester off with a slap on the wrist because the two were involved in a land deal.

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