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Mahlon Mitchell, who is Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch’s challenger in Tuesday’s recall election sure likes to criticize people who don’t vote, it also happens to be one of his regular talking points in his campaign speeches. Mitchell touts regularly, “We live in a time when bad politicians are put into office by good people who don’t vote.” Well that may be true, but Mitchell himself admittedly never voted in his life until 2008, and now he’s asking the good people of Wisconsin to lay their faith in him as Lt. Governor. When asked about why he thought they should be comfortable with this, he admits he was “not really engaged in politics, not really engaged in statewide politics at all, but once what happened last year and before that when Barack Obama came on the scene, that really got me really engaged fully in politics….” In other words, the good people of Wisconsin are supposed to vote against Rebecca Kleefisch who has helped close the state deficit of $3.6 billion without raising taxes, to elect a guy who never voted in his life until Barack Obama came on the scene.

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