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Roll Call is reporting that Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) may be exiting the 14th congressional district race, a district in which he had previously announced he was running earlier this fall. Rather than mount a difficult primary challenge–against a solid Republican–he is reportedly reconsidering defending his current seat in the 8th district.

Walsh chose to run in the 14th district after the remapping of the 8th district heavily favored democrats against him. But his decision faced tough questioning, even from loyal Walsh supporters, who wonder, “why choose to run a tough primary race against a Republican that’s likely to win, when he could force the Democrats to spend some significant money on his current seat–even though he might lose?”

In the 8th, Walsh would most likely face Democrat Tammy Duckworth in the general election. Her primary opponent, Raja Krishnamoorthi, will probably continue making bad decisions like he did in October, when he decided to protest the conservative TEACON convention in Schaumburg, IL, with “out of the closet” members of the Communist Party U.S.A.

And, who knows–if the Illinois GOP abandons Walsh again, he might just have a shot. At the very least, he wouldn’t be handing over the seat to one these clowns on the left…. H/T: Illinois Review

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4 Responses

  1. Jesse

    Walsh is a joke. He is a media hound that can’t get enough attention. He doesn’t have a chance in either district.

  2. Heather

    Walsh originally said that he would run in the 8th, before the maps were finalized, I look forward to him picking up a dem seat, and would much rather see that, then see him face off against another Repub.
    Jesse, Walsh may be a media hound but people like watching him, and for the most part that helps bring more awareness to the issues we are fighting against.

  3. Bridget

    Calling on IL-8 Conservatives to launch the same amazing ground game from the last election! Voter Turnout decided the race last time and Walsh was outspent by the lib Dem. Organize now, start registering voters and keep Rep Walsh in Congress. We need his voice. Go Joe!

  4. Rick Santelli's Belly

    Joe Walsh is a hero to deadbeat dad’s across America. We are so lucky to have a vehemently anti-government congressman representing us in government.


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