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We would like to know why you think there is so much violence in the African American communities in Chicago and across the country.

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  1. LL

    Best kept Secret in America…BLACK RACISM. They are raised, for the most part, to hate ‘white folk’. It’s just that NO ONE is allowed to ever talk about it. Same as NO ONE is ever allowed to bring up the FACT that Black Africans sold their own into slavery….or that 2/3 of the slave trade went to Brazil/South America.
    Here, take this one for a spin.
    ANC leader demands white girlfriend

  2. reliapundit

    too many fatherless boys raised in single parent homes.

    white boys without fathers commit as many crimes as black boys without fathers; there’s just a higher percentage of black boys without fathers.

  3. LL

    ‘white boys without fathers commit as many crimes as black boys without fathers; ‘
    can you quote a source for that?

  4. Kathleen mcquary

    I think it’s no purpose in their life as well – unemployment- and uneducated- most role models are not put out there like the bad role models are- we ignore the elephant in the room- still .paying and rewarding immorality ( unwed mothers,encouraging your child be “dumb” so you can get another check?! There was a point wher black families were together – not anymore, when your own parents don’t care about you, how can you care about another? There is no value in their own life. We have rampant drug use, the black politicians use them defraud them , we do have teachers thank God that love Anne try and care for them, regardless of what they are told. You have children literally having children, siblings raising siblings. And yes taught to hate. It’s not slavery as history speaks of now it’s modern politics that enslaves them- bill Cosby allen west and countless others are wonderful men — and are great role models but does the media or Hollywood wave them like Jamie foxx? Black rap music is terrible – incites hate in everyone – it’s no big deal to see people blarin this cussin junk w children in the car,,,,please understand all races have demons and bad – but you aske about the black community. No one is ever truthful or candid about this – and if you are racist 🙁

  5. Will Hayes

    The truth is, there is less violence in the African American community than there is in the poor community. There is no greater likelihood that middle class black men will be convicted of crimes than middle class whites or Hispanics. Perhaps the real problem is the unintended consequences of labeling and blaming black and white men for political purposes. The left has spent so long blaming white capitalists for slavery that they tend to ignore the fact that the government has institutionalized, and centralized poverty for a generation. ‘Hoodies’ started as athletic gear, but, cheap and comfortable, they soon became part of the uniform of the ghetto. Also, the left has long excused radical violent behavior by its constituents, as provoked by racism. Furthermore, this administration does not prosecute black on white violence. Based on this administration’s track record, this may have nothing to do with race, but with ‘pay back’ for political support. Imagine if Martin had not be indoctrinated to believe that every ‘creepy cracker(an unbelievably racist and hate driven word that nobody objects too)’ was out to get him. Imagine if physically attacking someone always carried severe consequences. This was not a racial incident, it was class tension, long stoked and cultivated by the extreme Obama left for political gain. Little mentioned is that fact that the ‘fairness’ policies of massive central government have been horrible for minorities. Obama has created a ‘black depression,’ that is really a poor depression, if everyone were not trained to think racially for political reasons.


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