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The staff of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu and the Democrat Party continues to use black protesters but constantly stops them from speaking. Now two new videos show a white union supporter of Landrieu tell a black activist, Anita MonCrief, to “go down on Bill [Cassidy],” Landrieu’s opponent, and another black supporter of Landrieu tells MonCrief she is “pretty much” an uppity negro.

In a video on Tuesday, I showed how the Landrieu camp acted when I questioned their protesters outside a Black Conservatives Fund event. In a move that shows the complete hypocritical absurdity of the Democrat’s idea of free speech, after one protester told me they were exercising their First Amendment rights, one of the Democrat Organizers promptly told the protestor to shut up.

What the Constitution gives, the Democrats take away…

Then, Louisiana Democrat Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis assaulted me as I spoke with the woman who had silenced the protestors. Ms. Alvanitakis accused me of ‘intimidating’ the woman by asking her a polite question.

If Ms. Alvanitakis wants to see what intimidating a woman looks like, she need look no further than her own Democrat protesters, however. Landrieu is heavily backed by the unions in Louisiana. Watch how this white union thug gets in the face of black conservative Anita MonCrief.

In this second video from the same night, you’ll see the (not black) Landrieu staffer who orders the black protestors to ‘not engage’ is the same staffer who ordered the mostly black protesters to shut up in the video I posted yesterday here at

Anita MonCrief told me that she saw this same behavior over and over again when she worked with the group ACORN by what she called “The White Gatekeepers.” These were the white community organizers who acted as the boss to keep their black protesters in line and on message.

The institutional left loves to use black people in two ways: either as docile, obedient props who should be seen but not heard by the media or as agitated shock troops to take direct action then get tear gassed, arrested or worse.

None of this solves the problems of black Americans, such as the issue that Anita brought up of Obama’s Executive Amnesty. When the young black protestor asks “what does that have to do with anything?” It’s a question worth answering.

It’s clear that Landrieu’s White Gatekeeper didn’t want the protester to hear the answer. Discussion is dangerous because it might lead to people developing opinions outside of the narrative and if the protestor started to think on her own and question policy, then she might not want to stand there waving a sign.

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  1. Molly Pitcher

    It was the same Democrat party that outlawed manumission because they didn’t want slabe to see other black walking around as free men.

  2. Linda Nitzschke

    I hope everyone who voted for Mary Landfill sees these videos. If she has pukes campaigning for her…I can only surmise that she’s a puke, herself. I wouldn’t even have to look at her voting record in DC to know she needs to be removed from office.


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