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This week Rebel Pundit released a video featuring four black, Chicago-area activists boldly questioning the true intentions of Black leadership and the Democrat party in general. The message resonated so thoroughly that the video went viral almost immediately, even being played by the likes of Rush Limbaugh. For me, it was a powerful reminder of my own journey from a dedicated liberal, Democrat to a common sense independent voter.

I remember the day I knew for sure I would never consider myself a liberal-Democrat again. I was executive director of a non-profit after school program in Gary, IN. I was running a tutoring session with mostly 8-11 year olds (all Black) and the discussion turned to an upcoming vacation my husband and I were taking. One of my girls scrunched up her nose in disgust. “Why would you want to go there? That’s where White people go to vacation. You really want to spend all that time around white people?”

I paused. Why would she say such a thing?

“Why would you say such a thing? Why wouldn’t we want to be around white people?”

“Because they don’t like us.”

In that moment, as I looked at that little girl I heard what she was really saying and it embarrassed me and shamed me and made me very sad. What she was really saying was, “We have no place with white people. We stay in our places and they stay in theirs.”

I realized what I was basically telling our kids was to not even bother trying. Not only that, I was telling them if they did try they wouldn’t make it anyway because White racism is stronger than anything we could do in the Black community. The proof was in the inner-city life they lived every day. They know that nothing is changing, nothing gets better, and few of their friends and family ever get out. My complaining was doing nothing but disincentivizing these kids. It wasn’t even a notion in this little girl’s mind that one day she too could be the type of person who earns a good living and travels to exotic vacation spots. It wasn’t just her body that was trapped in the ghetto. It was also her mind.

I looked around Gary, IN and saw that all of our leadership, down to the last man was black. The community we lived in was largely black. Our teachers, principals and neighbors – all black. At least locally speaking, white people had very little control over our day-to-day lives and yet we were still blaming them, still telling our kids they had no control over their lives.

Democrats come in to our communities every single election cycle and beg for or votes and tell us if we don’t elect Democrats the Republicans will set back civil rights 100 years. They don’t ever tell us that we can achieve and succeed and that our community has all the intelligence and fortitude we need to find success. They tell us that Republicans will cut our welfare. They scare us, and then leave us with just enough government assistance to replace the need for fathers in the home but not empower mothers, and just enough abortion clinics to fulfill Margaret Sanger’s mission (fulfilled by Planned Parenthood) that we don’t breed too much and become too influential.

The only promise the Democrats have fulfilled in our community is the right to kill ourselves, which we have exercised liberally.

Our destiny is in our own hands. White people can’t help us. They aren’t obligated to help us. We are obligated to help our own. We are obligated to raise our children to be curious and mindful of serving our communities. Our fathers and grandfathers did the hardest work – they beat slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK. They paved the way for us to have everything we’ve dreamed of and we continue to throw it all away election cycle after election cycle because we buy the line that we’re owed something, instead of the idea that now we are free to work for that something.

If I had it to do all over again, I would look that little girl from my after school program right in the eye and I would tell her,

“This world is yours, for no other reason than you are in it and you are wonderfully and fearfully made. In some parts of this planets the poorest in our neighborhood would be considered the richest. Simply by being born in this country you have already started life 5 steps ahead of everyone else in the world. Your ancestors fought and died for your right to be free, so go be free. Go where you want. Work where you want. Be who you want. You are smart enough, and in this country when you make the decision to work hard you will always find reward. White people don’t decide your life. You do.”

I’m so grateful for this message from these strong men. We don’t need any more empty promises, platitudes, scare tactics or abortion clinics. We just need to start raising generations of Black children who are less likely to ask “What can you do for me?” and more likely to say, “Tell me what I can do for you.”

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  1. ann

    Please fight this democratic phoney. No matter how inadequate the Republicans seem to you. Vote republican. We have to get rid of obumma and his lies. His administration are liars to the T . Please swallow whatever you feel about republicans . Vote republican. Please save América. We are dying. Obumma is against América. He is trying to start a civil war within América. Please help. Vote republican please. He will get the message we are on to his anti-american policies. We are smart. Not dumb.!! Vote republican please. Ann

    • perry

      When people are told a lie long enough they do not want to hear facts even if its right before there face.
      Men like Booker T. Washington warn of people that would use there own race to gain profit, and no matter what the evidence is they won’t care for themselves or there abilities and talents they can develop and grow in this nation to whatever level you wish if people would apply themselves and gain knowledge with understanding. Never the less people still have to make up there own mind, i just wish they would get informed and stop being lead down the road of destruction.

    • Mari

      Ann, you ARE smart. I am a Conservative and I think you’re smart as do my friends. I’m glad you don’t believe the lies that liberals try to tell you. We want you to have all the opportunities that make America great.
      Go get ’em!!!!!!!

  2. Scott McCollum

    If you want to lose more of your rights than we already have and live in a police state where tyranny reins and police brutality runs rampant and your tax money goes into the pockets of our so- called public servants then vote democratic! If you hate freedom vote democrat. It’s time to shrink this massive government and that cant be done under the democratic party!

    • way2confused

      When the Democrats think they are going to lose the black vote, you will see them try to make your lives more miserable by increasing the crackdown by police in your communities—-then blame it on whites and Republicans. They are now looking to sink you further into poverty by giving jobs your youth should get to illegal aliens who will work for less–tens of millions of them.

      It wouldn’t matter if the minimum wage were $1000/hour–if you don’t have a job, increasing the minimum wage will do nothing for you. The illegals will get the job you and your family needs and you will be worst off. Think the Democrats care? No, no they don’t. They want your vote–period, then once they get it, you are immediately forgotten until the next election cycle.

      Think I’m wrong? Then tell me why poverty among blacks has risen dramatically, why you are still living in ghettos with horrific school systems. Don’t the Democrats promise you every election that they are going to improve your schools and lift you out of poverty? Tell me, how much money have the Democrats taken from the rich and redistributed to you? That’s right–none. It all goes to their corrupt, connected cronies. The gap between rich and poor is greater then it has ever been.

      And be honest, are you any better off today then your were 10 years ago? Or are you still stuck in the same Democrat built rut they put you in over 50 years ago.

      And now the Democrats are looking to do the same to the illegal aliens–promise them a glorious life filled with everything they want–then give them nothing.

      Face it, they couldn’t care less about you, all they want is your vote and then laugh at your stupidity.

  3. Christina

    This was so well done, thank you Kira! I was really moved by your story about the little girl you worked with in your program. As a white woman, growing up outside Detroit, and later living and volunteering in Washington, D.C., I have really grown to feel so much sadness and frustration for what is clearly the abuse of people inside these cities by their so-called leaders. They seem not to care at all about the individual lives of these people, especially the children, the most innocent of all, who really need the hope to carry them forward.

    Your article – especially from your perspective – really captures what I think many of us who genuinely care for our fellow Americans in the inner cities feel about their plight.
    On one hand, I am thrilled that there is what seems to be an awakening of sorts, between this website and a number of other strong testimonials and new groups forming. At the same time, I do hope that if the Democrats are not going to transform their corrupt machine that leaves people in desperation for generations while using them for big voting numbers, then the Republicans do try to reach out and bridge that gap, instead of sitting by and ignoring a gigantic community of fellow Americans who – while struggling with more obstacles at this time – want to reach for the dream just as much as anyone.

    I think groups like yours can extend a hand to Republicans to reach for and try to work with black communities in a real way to reach some common goals, but also reach together for a new, better, American way. Not just be new Democrats seeing opportunity and turning good intentions into an avenue for profit, but to genuinely work toward helping real people restore real hope – the kind you refer to in your article.

    Excellent piece, hope to hear more from you!

  4. SirRuncibleSpoon

    Thank you, Kira Davis. Beautifully put, every thought and word. I am curious about something and I shall take my reading of your post to ask you about this thing.

    I am a white, male, 68 year old Christian from Western Maine. Not a lot of people of color around, as you can imagine, although Somali refugees have settled in some numbers in nearby Lewiston. I read your post, watch the four activists from Chicago, or Darius Foster or red Ben Carson’s book and catch him on TV and I feel an immense pride to be sharing the label “American” with such people. I suspect that there exists a pool of black Americans with whom I share a similar sense of gratitude for sharing that common label: my fellow Christians in black churches all over the country.

    Are there any organizations, anywhere, of any color, that have as a goal connecting this ocean’s many local puddles? I thrill to find myself in the political company of the likes of Noonie and company; I ache to find myself connected with my Black-American brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. Distance and lack of opportunity alone divide us, and they are such trivial obstacles. A celebration of a unity of heart and spirit await our embrace.

    Maybe I bark up the wrong tree: you could be a devout atheist with little knowledge of such things and even less interest. If such is the case, let’s cheer one another along politically and socially as Americans who ache for our country’s attainment of all its civic promise. Again, thanks for your thoughtful comments: they’ve warmed my heart and given me such hope.

  5. Jeff

    Thank you Kira, your article moved me. Made me sad, but made me hopeful. Please keep speaking/writing/evangelizing.

    A small government is the best government. If they leave us alone we (you and I) are our brother’s keepers; not a political party.

    We all agree that monopolies are a bad thing – well monopolies can also refer to political parties.

    Be independent – be strong.

    • Jack Armstrong

      Kira: a wonderful – moving story. You have the made the point that it is who you are – not the color of your skin that is important. Such a basic premise – but it seems so hard to validate these days.

      You are young, smart, and have a way with words. Please be a leader wherever you go. I sincerely hope you run for public office or at the least – get involved in politics.

      The nation needs people like you.

  6. Neil Caffery

    I couldn’t have said it better, you have it nailed to a T. It is going to be a long hard battle to turn the mindset we have in this Country around given we have too many wannabe masters and only a handful of true statesmen leading us now. This has been a long gradual march towards slavery for all of us through lollipops for as many takers as they could create through the policies that they implemented. Anyone who stands up to the slow creep of this tyranny is going to be vilified and if they can do it destroyed. The corruption is so pervasive and it seems to be the norm because we never see anyone serving any jail time for some of the outrageous scandals we hear about, that I think DC should be the abbreviation for the District of Corruption. I guess We the People will get to see if we pass the test that Benjamin Franklin gave us to take we’ve been given a Representative Republic can we keep it or will we pass along something more sinister to our Children and Grand children?


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