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“Why doesn’t the Republican Party have a Barack Obama?” asks columnist Kathleen Parker.

Is she suggesting that the GOP should have a half-black, half-white, slick-talking candidate, brought up by communists, who could credibly run for President? Or, does she want the GOP to simply have a black candidate?

My favorite is Alan Keyes, PhD, Harvard graduate, who defeated Obama in the debates in Illinois when they ran for the US Senate. The GOP has Congressman Allen West who served in the military for 20 years and earned the rank of Lt. Colonel. Michael Steele served as chairman of the Republican National Committee and as Lt. Governor of Maryland. Condoleeza Rice would be an attractive candidate, if she decided to run on her resume, which includes a term as Secretary of State and Provost at Stanford University. J.C. Watts served three terms in the U.S. Congress and can eloquently state the case for conservative policies.

Is that really important, the ancestry of GOP candidates? The philosophy of the Democrat Party emphasizes quotas and targets and mathematical schemes holding up “diversity” as the highest social/political value. In the GOP, the highest values are related to virtue, honor, patriotism and competence. I wouldn’t trust any mathematical schemes to deal with those ideals.

To answer her original question, however, the GOP does not need any more Obamas, black or white. It has perfectly decent, honest and attractive black candidates with better resumes than the guy who beat the Republican fighter pilot, war hero and senior U.S. Senator John McCain.

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