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Chicago activist Paul McKinley, former Republican nominee for the Illinois 2nd Congressional District seat, led a “Boo Committee” at this year’s Bud Billiken Parade against the state’s top democrats, including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

McKinley explains in the video, “the Boo Committee is a committee of like-minded citizens who have found out that the politicians we have elected have betrayed the trust and the security of our community.

In addition to booing Rahm Emanuel, who can be seen running away in the video, McKinley and his cohorts booed Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin.

One activist in the video can be heard booing Governor Quinn, saying, “Boo! You done destroyed our community, gave all the illegals all our jobs, and the black men and women are selling loose cigarettes in the neighborhood. Boo! Thank you for creating loose cigarette jobs for us, Quinn! Boo!”

Shortly after McKinley’s group booed the elected officials, Chicago Police officers arrived on the seen. In the video, you can see one female sergeant tell McKinley, “I don’t want you screaming on the microphone.”

After their initial harassment, McKinley explained to the sergeant they weren’t “screaming on the microphone,” and the officers left the scene without any further suppression of the group’s First Amendment rights.

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  1. MrkSwft

    When will my fellow blacks stop voting for the party selling them out? Illegals are moving ahead of you. The Democrat party doesn’t care about you. The CBC is a bunch of sellouts. Stop voting the party line.


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