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The Washington Post, whose Mark Jenkins gave 1.5 stars to the Andrew Breitbart documentary Hating Breitbart, has now erased all user reviews from their website, according to the movie’s producer Andrew Marcus. The documentary, which brought in the second-highest per-screen revenues in the country over the weekend, had such a successful run that it is now expanding beyond its initial four-market opening.

Marcus tweeted Wednesday morning, “WaPo flushed all of the positive reader reviews of Hating Breitbart down the memory hole!” with a link to the prior reviews that used to be on the site:

WaPo’s Mark Jenkins had nothing but derision for the man and the movie, writing in his review that “it’s hard to argue that he left a major legacy.”

I wonder if Jenkins would have had a different opinion had he been in the room with me in Denver, CO, filled with older “blue haired” ladies and businesspeople at a meeting about fracking put on by the Denver GOP. As the news spread around the room that Breitbart had passed away, the crowd of hundreds let out a gasp. The meeting was stopped as people took a moment to remember the man who inspired so many.

Breitbart created an army of citizen journalists, full of blue-haired old ladies, retired men and women, working moms, businessmen, and every other ilk other than those who went to journalism school. I’m one of them, and many of my friends entered into the scrum solely because of Breitbart’s influence. It is we who Mark Jenkins is attacking in his piece. For if Andrew Breitbart has no legacy, we don’t exist.

And apparently our reviews don’t exist either, as the Washington Post proves Andrew Breitbart’s point that our biggest enemy is, above all, with the so-called media. Since the deletions, users have begun reposting their reviews on the site.


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