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**This post has been updated multiple times to reflect real time actions taken by Casey Corbin, including his full un-edited email sent to**

On Thursday, reported on a violent and threatening letter sent to the Illinois Family Institute via Facebook–a letter that called for the founders of the organization to be “victims of a mass shooting or bombing.” Illinois Review, which first reported the story, pointed out that the message appeared to be from a “front,” or fake Facebook account. It now appears however, the sender “Casey R. Corbin” is not only a real person but also the director of the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition, a non-profit that advocates “for compassionate care at the end of life and advance planning.”

The letter reads:

“A prayer for all of you. Dear lord, I ask that you strike down the children of any staff, supporters or friends of this EVIL hate group. May their children have cancer, be hit by cars or murdered. May the staff and founders be victims of a mass shooting or bombing – that would be nice!!! And finally, may any children of that very unattractive WHORE – Laurie Higgins – be slaughtered and offered to your greatness lord. May her entire family be struck down and return to Hell from which they came. F**K YOU Laurie Higgins and your entire disgusting family!!! Amen!”

Casey Corbin Facebook IFI Message

Photographs obtained through online screen captures by indicate Corbin’s Facebook page is not a “front” and his real identity is in fact Casey R. Corbin.

The first photo with Corbin and his “partner” Kate appears on the about page of his photography website, Casey R. Corbin Photography.

Casey Corbin Photography About

…Who appears to be the same individual lying down in a Facebook photo that appears on the Facebook page belonging to “Casey R. Corbin,” from which the threatening letter was posted.casey corbin facebook

…Who also appears to be the same individual in the following image from the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition’s Facebook page holding up pamphlets from the non-profit.

Idaho Quality of Life Corbin

An article on states Casey Corbin is a professional photographer and the executive director for the End-of-Life Coalition, a subsidiary group under “A Better Way Coalition,” which the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition also falls under.

There is not a lot of information about the Idaho Coalition Administration on their website, but an announcement was published by Corbin, as the director. Corbin also penned an article in the Idaho Statesman about hospice care, which states “Casey Corbin, of Boise, is director of The Idaho Quality of Life Coalition.”

I was able to reach Casey Corbin by telephone on Thursday afternoon. Corbin denied any knowledge of the message sent to the Illinois Family Institute and claimed he’s never heard of them.

I asked Corbin if the Facebook page with the photos presumed to be him laying down by a mountain, a red Irish Setter and a woman named Kate was his account and he said, “I know Kate, yeah. That’s my partner. But, I don’t know what you’re talking about as far as a letter goes.”

When I asked Corbin if he has a facebook account Casey R. Corbin on Facebook. He replied, “Um, that’s none of your business, I don’t know who you are. But, I think you’ve got the wrong number.”

Within minutes of our conversation, the photos of the man who looked just like Corbin and Kate were removed from the Casey R. Corbin Facebook page, where the threatening letter was sent from. We took a screenshot just before the call (on left), and after (on right). Notice four images were removed.

Casey Corbin Facebook Home Page

Casey Corbin Facebook after interview








Illinois Review has learned that the Thomas More Society has sent a letter to the FBI, the Will County Attorney General, and the Mokena police about the incident.

**UPDATE** Prior to publishing the Casey R. Corbin Facebook account was removed completely.

Casey Corbin Facebook Page Removed


**Another Update** The Casey R. Corbin Facebook Page has been republished with new photos and a status update that says the page was hacked.

Casey Corbin Facebook Page Hacked


On Saturday we received the following email via contact form. The email verifies the Casey R. Corbin Facebook account to be authentic and the account page of Casey R. Corbin. In the email Corbin denies having sent the letter sent to Illinois Family Institute.

From: Casey Corbin <>
Subject: Incorrect postings

Message Body:

First let me introduce myself. I am the actual Casey Corbin. The one you have posted these awful lies about. I am not sure how this happened! I will send this to the others involved as well!

First, I am not sure if all of this is a scam or some sort of photoshoped screenshot of a posting and a photo of my old facebook page or if this is real. Either way, this posting did not come from my hands. Last week, a man who sounded rather creepy and dodgy, started asking me all sorts of questions and talking about things on my personal facebook page. He said I had posted something on a page with Illinois something or another. He said he was a media person. I was in total “scam-suspect mode” and assumed he was nuts. It was hard to even pay attention to what he was saying, as I was trying to figure out his angle. Then he started out describing photos of my dog that just died and to me it seemed as if he was in my facebook page somehow. I have my privacy settings set high. So I hung up, changed my account log in and photos, as thought I was hiding from a crazy person.

Last night I googled many permutations trying to find anything with my name and Illinois. Then I found all of this stuff! I have been thinking and thinking of how this could be real. I have concluded that it is one of two options. First it is all some sort of hoax, and I am caught in the middle. The screenshot and posting clearly were combined in some software. If there was a posting like this, which I cannot find anywhere, then it did not come from my mind or hands. I had NO clue who any of you were until I found these postings. I have never heard of this group or any of you. So, either this is a hoax, and I am being used for some strange purpose or someone, somehow used my account. I have tried to think who could. I use public computers a lot, as we are a small nonprofit and I have no office. So I use the Boise library and fed-ex and sometimes computers at businesses where I have meetings. The bottom line is that perhaps someone used my account to do this, but it was not me!!!! I have reset all security, removed photos so that any perpetrator cannot find my account. I hope!!

If this is a scam then please leave me out of it. If someone used my account without my knowledge I apologize. I am the director of a small nonprofit, and I have no interest or knowledge of any of you. I would appreciate it if all of these posts and photos of me, which I still don’t understand how anyone could have gotten, are taken down immediately. I am not sure what happened but this attack on me is very inaccurate. Anyone who knows me would know better. Feel free to contact me if you need more information. But I don’t know what else to do. I am not a litigious person by nature, but these postings seem to be grounds for legal action. I did not post anything to this group’s wall. I give you my word on that! If you want to be angry with anyone, feel free to explain that my account was used without my knowledge and please remove my nonprofit’s name from these posts. We work hard to raise the standard of end of life care in Idaho, and this is not an accurate story of what has happened. I am at a loss to explain it. It makes me want to just shut down my facebook page. I only use it for family. I do not post to sites often, and I am not a crazy activist!!! I hope you will do the right thing so this can all end here and now. Thank you- the real Casey Corbin.

This mail is sent via contact form on rebelpundit

We have reached out to the Illinois Family Institute for a response to Corbin’s claims and will update the post again when we have more information.

All screenshots and images used in this post were taken directly from the internet, they are completely unedited and unaltered by and published as they appeared in the public domain at the time they were captured.

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4 Responses

  1. Fran Eaton

    Thanks for picking up this story and doing this great investigation. It’s tough to get national exposure on these important threats that will multiply if folks like these are not held accountable. Great work, Rebel Pundit!

  2. Ed Ingold

    Casey Corbin may be a real person, but the email may well have been sent by someone else. Anyone moderately comfortable with computers would realize that nothing is anonymous on the internet, and that threats are taken seriously. We have all had our email hacked, or that of someone in our circle of friends. Let’s not leap to conclusions.

  3. Charles Anthony

    Kudos to Rebel Pundit for exposing this hateful little coward. Ed, the violent and despicable threats were sent from his Facebook account not email. This is a regular occurrence for the vermin on the Left.

  4. TwistedMister

    OMG! You mean, that someone posted a hateful post on someone’s FB page?! OMG! I mean, this has never happened to anyone on the Internets, ever! OMG!


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