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A series of explosive videos recently emerged featuring one of the Obamacare architects, Jonathan Gruber, explaining how a lack of transparency was implemented to pass the controversial health control law.

In another video, filmed at Noblis in January of 2012, Gruber explains the biggest threat to the law’s survival, and essentially what can be done to collapse the law all together.

Beginning at the 27:08 mark in the following video, Gruber says, “….If the mandate is struck the law basically caves in….If you get rid of this mandate, this law becomes much less effective.”

“The second threat is the election,” he continues:

Despite what candidates will tell you, Republicans can not come in and repeal this law overnight. Certainly not if they don’t have close to 60 votes in the Senate, even if they did have close to 60 votes in the Senate, they can not do that.

What they can do, is they can essentially kill it from the inside, because this is such a complicated transformation that fundamental leadership is required at the federal level, and that leadership has to come from the president and the administration, in terms of financing decisions, and just sort of cheerleading as this thing gets implemented.

The lack of cheerleading and financial support could cause the implementation to go terribly and cause this thing to crater in on itself.

So there is enormous risk the entire law just craters if there’s not someone in the White House who cares about making it work.

So you don’t need active repeal. You just need ignorance, ignoring the law, and letting it wither on the vine. That may be enough, and that’s real threat, that’s the major threat I think the law faces. [emphasis added]

Begin watching at 27:08:

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  1. Tom Simpson

    The detailed features of the mandated ACA, imply population control and micromanagement by federal agencies assigned to lower costs. When IPAB kicks in, costly procedures to treat sick elderly patients are not covered if the patient does not fit the formula “effective quality life years remaining.” EQLY. This is the “kill” feature of the Tiergarten 4 (T-4) euthanasia program secretly implemented by Adolph Hitler. IPAB has a 14 person panel without Congressional oversight and hand picked by the President, which makes it totally political. Four ways they’ll pay for it is 1. increased costs to the insured. 2. Cadillac tax on employer paid plans. 3. IPAB rationing care mentioned above. 4. Rewriting the guidelines that hospitals use to diagnose and treat medicare patients. Simply put, this legislation targeted the elderly. Ezekiel Emanuel argued that 76 should be the cutoff age for treatment. The fact that people are living longer is a testimony to modern medicine. But these number crunchers are all fixated on costs! If you take their philosophy which focused on reducing costs, and draw it out to it’s conclusion, you come up with the same solution as Hitler and the Nazi doctors. It was called The Final Solution! Which was the systematic elimination of “useless eaters.” Dr. Leo Alexander one of the key American medical experts who testified at the Nuremberg Trials said, ” The Nazis mass extermination of Jews began with small steps.” Read the book “THE NAZI DOCTORS” and compare. Even the wording used in the ACA to justify it’s cost controls is eerily similar to that of Hitler’s T-4. It’s bad enough the ACA is under a Democrat President. A Conservative Republican Presidency would simply speed up the process to get to the same place. There may not be death camps immediately on the horizon but they are not far off. You must remember that Hitler’s T-4 mass murder was carried out not by the police. Not by the SS. But by trusted doctors in white coats. The ACA is a slippery slope.


      I came to the same conclusion in 2010 when I ran for the Republican Nomination for the House. Setting up this committee without oversight is Star Chamber. The law is such that the S. cnnot even buy te service in the US. Also not treating these patients wll have negative factors on Physician Skills.

      At the very leastthe IPBA should come under Congressional Oversight. The IPBA Cannot ration care; It should be able to modify the law so that payment schemes cannot be used for rationing.

      Anyway Dr Emmanul cdeently died in his 70s.

      Get back to me.


    Tom you are spot on, the concept of the system is pure COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM. The fastest way to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE a nation is government controlled health care. The government will be able to ultimately be the final decider if a person has the right to LIVE OR DIE. OBAMA CARE must be REPEALED. Wake up AMERICA.

    • Linda Nitzschke

      For anyone not convinced oBaMa and the Democrat party, in general, are not communists, see “AGENDA: Grinding America Down.” They (communists, as a group) don’t even hide what they are up to…they write about it for all to see. Saul Alinsky, for example.

  3. Linda Nitzschke

    There is something that could end oBaMacare in one fell swoop….a Convention of States.

  4. jsbrodhead

    The “law” is trying to turn America into HELL, by putting government over the People.

    The Marxist insurrection needs to be quelled!

  5. jsbrodhead

    Oh, Gruber blames the employer tax breaks for employer provided health care. So it even feeds back to the creation of the IRS. [approx 44 minutes]

  6. Callawyn

    “The lack of cheerleading and financial support could cause the implementation to go terribly and cause this thing to crater in on itself.”

    An R President could easily destroy Obamacare simply by choosing an HHS Secretary that was determined to make it fail.

    There are over a thousand sentences in the bill that begin “The Secretary shall determine…”. I believe it is the most frequent phrase in the entire bill. We live in a Dictatorship of the Bureaucracy and Obamacare, like most big pieces of federal legislation, simply gives a legal foundation to the Dictatorial powers being granted to a political appointee of the President. Once the bill became law, the HHS Secretary became Czar of US healthcare. The powers granted are breathtaking in their scope.

    Of course, the D’s were a bit shortsighted. Mostly because they figured that Obamacare, like Medicare, would become untouchable as soon as millions of Americans became dependent on it. They never imagined just how horrible the effects of the bill would be, and therefore how thoroughly unpopular it would be. So, they didn’t consider the consequences of granting so much power to a bureaucracy that would periodically be headed by an appointee of a Republican. Never occurred to them that such a person might deliberately set about sabotaging it.

    So, yes, absolutely. We can definitely kill the bill from within.

    “60 votes” – Obamacare passed by reconciliation. That means simple majority. No need for a 60 vote cloture. Therefore, it can be repealed the same way. Mitch McConnell has been talking about this recently – since the R’s won control of the Senate. All they need to be able to use reconciliation for repeal is a CBO score showing that the repeal bill will lower the budget deficit over 10 years. Given what is now known about Obamacare’s costs and funding vs what was believed when it was first scored, this should not be difficult. Particularly so since parts of the funding have been separately repealed already.

    • USTaxpayer

      If it is not repealed it can be resurected later because it is the law. It needs to be repealed and replaced with something that prevents them from trying it again. They need to give back control to the states where it belongs.


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