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Last night during the tent city construction at Occupy Chicago on Michigan Ave, John Bachtell, a spokesperson from the national board of the Communist Party U.S.A., addressed the angry mob of nearly 3000. He claimed to “bring greetings and support” from the party, to the occupy movement. Bachtell received a very warm welcome and overwhelming applause form the “occupiers.”

“We will be with this movement….til we make all the changes that we know we have to make….This movement is part and parcel in the great tradition in this country of people powered democracy….This is the next big step of the democratic revolution in our country.”- Bachtell said.

We also caught up with some of the other communist revolutionaries who marched with flea-infested, bongo-banging, suburban runaways from Occupy Chicago.

Take a look.

**Update** We have identified the individuals in the video. The man on the left of the marchers with the red flag is Jordan Farrar. Farrar is a leader for the Young Communist League and also an organizer for Barack Obama’s Organizing for America. Click here for more: Marchers’ Details

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  1. bobo

    Hmmm, it’s a protest where anyone can come…and protest or express solidarity with the hmmm, ideas of the protest, which at this point, seems to be anything you want to be against..just means that politics creates strange bedfellows….

  2. jane seymore

    Hmmm, it’s a protest where anyone can come…and protest or express solidarity with the hmmm, ideas of the protest, which at this point, seems to be anything you want to be against..just means that politics creates strange bedfellows….

  3. Steven

    So a few Communists show up to an open meeting therefore the entire meeting is communist?

    So I guess in this video of Teabaggers spitting on Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and the cheering that goes up for the white supremacist flag at 2:10 means that the entire Teabagger movement is racist, no?

    • Radegunda

      Nobody was spitting — which is probably why Cleaver never had anybody arrested for assault at the time. He made up the story later. Nobody was shouting racist epithets. The Dems lied about that.

      The Occupy mobs everywhere are chock-a-block full of anarchists and Bolsheviks and anti-Semites. They are all saying they’re against “capitalism” (i.e. free enterprise), and many, many of them are calling for a revolution, including violent revolution.

      And the Dems are still harping on one faked episode of Tea Party “racism” – ‘cuz that’s all they’ve got.

      • irish19

        Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could provide proof of the alleged expectoration. To the best of my knowledge, that money is still sitting in escrow.

    • Several

      Nobody is saying that. The point is, these are the people your movement attracts. They see a compatibility. Leftist movements have been their breeding and recruitment grounds for over a century; they know where the soil is most fertile for them.

      The Left attracts, feeds and enables them in this fashion, and always have.since there has been a Left. The Tea Parties, however, do not.; their incompatibility with such movements is so strong that the Left’s false flag operations were a complete and utter failure, utterly implausible.

      You ought to ask yourself why, some day.

    • Jayne

      I didn’t see anyone spit, and you can be sure that with the police and cameras rolling, Cleaver would have stopped right there if it had happened. It’s not possible to tell what people are cheering, but the Nazi flag carrier was leaving the crowd. They were most likely cheering that people were “helping” him/her on their way out. Conversely the pee party’s whole premise is part and parcel of the communist manifesto:Capitalism is bad, and give us other people’s money.

    • Texas Secede

      Did you really just mistake the state flag of Tennessee for a white supremacist flag? You’re not real smart, are ya?

      • Radioguy

        Whatever flag that was, it was not the state flag of Tennessee. That flag was red alright, but it had a white circle in the center with what appeared to be three black figures of some sort inside (hard to tell what they were because the flag was moving)and a white border on the right.

        The Tennessee flag is red with a blue circle in the center with a white edge and three white stars. On the right, a blue border is separated from the red part by a thin white stripe.

        Definitely NOT a Tennessee flag, and it didn’t look like a Nazi swastika, either. Maybe someone else can identify it.

      • MrJest

        I believe it was an “Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging” flag, and yes, was “white supremacist”. It was also, as has been noted, being chased out of town.

        I doubt that the crowd noises recorded in that vid had anything to do with the flag, as it was rather far away and pretty much everyone in frame was looking the opposite direction.

        Yes, there are crazys in every crowd. The problem with the “occupy” crowds is that they are MAJORITY crazy; these people are not outliers like they are in TP crowds, but rather the BASE of the crowd – which explains why they tend to be much smaller. Thankfully, media distortion aside, this is not a “significant movement” – only a couple hundred here and there who are the most stupid among us.

        Most people around here (and this is the SF bay area of California, fer cryin’ out loud) think these people are fools to be ignored. That seems to be the overall impact of this “movement”… something annoying and irrelevant.


    • richard40

      Pretty pathetic when leftists like these only answer to video documented and numerous communist, nazi, and anti semitic sentiments, prominently displayed in OWS rallies, and loudly cheered by OWS crowds, and never confronted or disowned by any of the organizers, is to bring up the completely discredited, phony, and provably false DC spitting and N word allegations. Typical of leftists to answer video proof, with rank falsehoods. But if you dont have truth on your side, the only possible answer is propoganda and lies.

    • Silrette

      The, uh, “white supremacist” flag, is the state flag of Tennessee. I see it every day of my life.

    • Daverco

      Republicans hate government? You really dont pay attention. Please explain government solution for everything Nixon and spendaholic Bush 43 (hint: not military spending, but social spending run amok). Democans and Republocrats. PS. The people you think are anarchists are leftists.

    • richard40

      Leftist anarchists hate gov, unless it is totalitarian socialist gov.

      Tea Partiers and libertarians, and some repubs, only hate out of control big sending gov, but fully support limited gov, that protects individual liberty and property, from violence, theft, and fraud, but otherwise leaves us free to live ur lives.

  4. Bosco

    I support Liberty and do not support Communists cause they are the opposites you can only have one! And I choose Liberty what left we have of it.I support the Constitution not all the amendments that have weakened it. Communists are ignorant they don’t think for themselves they want someone to lead them at all times they see a vision of utopia while the leaders see a vision of control and dominance and submission. The Nazi’s suck arse too they are so inadequate with themselves they need to hate others to make themselves feel important . They cannot see the big picture for their hate in their hearts have blinded them.

  5. Josh Taylor

    The next thing these communist extremists will do is burn down our churches and cause persecution. It’s coming. Prepare for persecution, brothers and sisters. We will become an socialistic atheist state. A New world Communist Order is coming quickly. Repent and ask God to forgive you of your sins through the blood of His Son, Jesus.

    • connie green

      I agree with Josh Tayler Ever since Obama got into office, there has been nothing but trouble for the American people. I am glad the FIRST LADY, thinks she is finally an American. Where has she been most of her life, Was she born somewhere else also?

      • Rick Santelli's Belly

        You’re so smart! Obama looks different and has a funny name so he can’t possibly be an American. And clearly he caused all the trouble that our country is in. Simple as that!

      • Diane

        Let’s see now, is his name that sounds so funny Barack Husane Obama or is it Barry Soretoro?(SP) Who is this person really? With a dead mans SSI# and two names. Is he still a citizen of Indonesia?

        Just asking, sense you are sooooooo convinced by this follower of Marx.

  6. Andrew B

    The main problems are (1) an ungodly worldview based on the pseudo-science of evolution and materialism, (2) a post-modern, moral relativism where the belief in transcendent laws and absolutes are flatly rejected, and (3)the nasty prominence of an entitlement mentality that has arisen from that worldview. We have seen this manifest all over the world and I would assert that it is the final phase of a decadent and dying culture. May the Lord return soon.

    • richard40

      1. I see no problem with evolution, which is based on science (provided it only discusses evolution and does not try to prove atheism, which science is not equiped to prove), or materialism (unless it is a persons only value), which is compatible with capitalism.
      2. Agree with you on on the evil of moral relativism, but would challenge your probable assumption that only religion can provide morality, as objectivism also provides a fully self consistent morality that is just as absolute, but just slightly more restricted in its prohibitions.
      3. Completely agree on the evil of the entitlement mentality.

      • Diane

        Objective(ab.jek’.tiv) a. pertaining to the object:relating to that which is external to the mind: Unbiased: (Gram.) denoting the case of the object. -ly adv. objectivity n. the quality of being objective {Fr. objectif}.

        Thus,people who believe in a Religion are objective about their Religion. They believe in their religious object: it’s teachings, something that is external to the mind and can be reasoned by the mind.

        It would seem then that your religion is objectiveism: What you can understand with your mind because of external influences. This belief can not solve the problem that evil exists, you can know that it exists, your mind understands. You are powerless on your own to remove it.

        All forms of religion on their own are powerless to remove evil. Evil exists because of sin and sin can be seen objectively in the evil things that we see people do externally. Proof that sin exists.

        There is only one thing that has the power to remove sin and that is the belief in Gods answer for sin; His Son Jesus Christ,(the object) more exactly, the subject of that belief. Ones belief in Jesus Christ is not a religion, it is a reality. It is not based on the external influences that one can see with the mind. It is an internal belief that God is real and that His word is Jesus Christ and that He lives and resides in them. He has power over sin, evil and death in their lives.

        There is no religion or belief that man can contrive objectively (with there own mind), that can do enough to remove sin or evil, have victory over death or please God. It has all been done for mankind by Jesus Christ. The Way, the Truth and the Life. The only thing one can do to please God is to accept His plan of salvation for the plight of sin and death by faith.

        Religion nor objectivity can Christians

      • Diane

        Oops! the last line at bottom, was something I forgot to delete. Sorry.

  7. Loral Orow

    There was no spitting but the video sure tries to show it – even though all the guy was doing was shouting with his hands blocking his mouth. WOW! That stupid video should be removed because it’s a lie!
    The Tea Party is a threat to Obama so we must be demonized while these OWS people are considered “concerned citizens”. The Tea Party brought the corruption of this administration to peoples attention. They should be applauded everywhere!

    • Diane

      You are absolutely right that there was no spitting or use of the N word in this video. That is one of the reasons that I like that it is still available online. Any honest person can view it and see that the leftists inside the Govern’t as well as their useful tools in the lame stream media are liars. That is a good thing. It true there will continue to be those that try to use it to promote the lies but, those who believe the lies follow the left already. We can’t change them by hiding a video.

      The leftists and elites believe that demonizing the TEA PARTY will divert attention from their failed policies. They like the OWS because they are barking up the wrong tree at capitalism, instead of this corrupt administration. They believe they can co-opt them and, get their vote by catering to them. Thereby making more useful tools for their socialist agenda.

  8. Diane

    One of the things that must be noticed about the Communist, socialists, leftists or progressives as they like to be called; they always say this is a Democracy. That is one of the biggest lies that they continually get away with. Our established National Government is a Representative Republic by, we the people and, based on our Constitution. There is a great big difference between a Government of Democracy and one that is a Representative Republic. If you do not believe this just take a look at China, Socialist Democracy. All of the Socialist Nations call themselves Democracies, that is why all of my previous leftist lists, call us a Democracy. We who want to uphold our Constitution and the liberty we have in this Republic, must continue to bring this lie to the light. When some says we are a Democracy. Words do matter. Deception has infiltrated very deeply because of this use of the word Democracy. The lack of knowledge of our founding and, the development of our Constitution is obvious among those that believe we are a Democracy. They are the blind followers of blind guides. This ideocracy is rampant in our liberal temples of higher learning. These people are ingrates to those who went before them. They are mired in selfish indulgent behavior and demand that we salute their ignorance of truth.. I shall not.

  9. occupy world

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