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Last night in Chicago, black grassroots activists reacted to President Obama’s State of the Union address at Wallace’s Catfish Corner–and it wasn’t pretty.

J.R. Fleming of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign said, “This state of the union was the same ol’ same ol’, a bunch of talk and rhetoric to give favor to a dying economy in America–and the reason why our economy is dying is the President’s approach is always to place blame…It’s not the 1 percent problem, it’s not the 99 percent problem, it’s an American problem, and the problem is patronage, nepotism and cronyism.

Joe Watkins, Founder of V.O.T.E. (Voices of the Ex-Offender) asked how raising the minimum wage was “going to help people who don’t have any jobs right now.” Watkins remarked that despite holding a graduate’s degree, he has been unemployed for four years.

But perhaps the biggest slam was when Mark Carter, also of V.O.T.E., suggested that black Americans would be better off if the President would cut his presidency short and “just quit.” Carter direct his comments to the President, saying, “if this is what you call helping us, then just stop helping us.”

Carter went on to criticize the President’s record during his time in Chicago as a community organizer. “He had never done anything for the community, he didn’t know the people in the community. All those things they talk about Altgeld Gardens, he wasn’t doing that stuff for real.”

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Chicago Grassroots Respond to State of the Union 2014–Obama, The Big Let Down by RebelPundit

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  1. Tom Lucero

    I agree, these guys all have low approval ratings, yet they waste a ton of time shaking hands, hugging and congratulating each other while the vast majority are big time failures. I’m proud of the few who walked out on this bogus speech. It would have been nice if a vast majority would have walked out while Barry was reading his teleprompters.

    • samuel

      We must help ourselves! We must stop expecting a white president! Any president to help us! We are not doing enough on our own. Internal racism, calling each other nigga this and nigger that! Not speaking out enough on our own responsibility what do you expect! Marcus garvey, james baldwin, elijah muhammad, min. farrakhan and many unnamed other’s you have not listen to any of them. You vote democratic down the line. You do not come to PTA meeting about your children, your color conscious you are afraid and intimated,

      • emettmetssenger

        We could begin by eliminating racism by a simple acceptance of this truth, based upon the science of genetics, that there is only one race, the human race. This would also eliminate the meaningless phrases of biracial and multiracial. Isn’t it time to evaluate any person by his/her character and actions, and not by the color of skin and the seductiveness of words, which play upon our ignorance? Our POTUS lacks a reverential awe for life.

    • Kenzob Breaze

      How true! Barry does nothing but play “kick the can” with Black Americans and delivers meaningless lip service to itchy ears, but has done absolutely nothing for Blacks (or any other Americans) as a whole. More jobless Americans and more misery in a failing economy, but don’t worry. We have his “hope and change” to sooth our grief. Kind of like taking a Valium for depression and anxiety, ya know? Just the sound of his voice as he reads his script puts food on my table, a roof over my head and pays the bills. What a guy…what a pal!

    • Carole

      I am glad to hear that Afro Americans in Chicago are finally catching on. As they said, he doesn’t care about you…nor does he care about anybody. he cares about socialism. My friends, we have a communist in office and the sooner we boot him out, the better. Right now, he is trying to get Cap and Trade passed again, but this time through the EPA. We don’t need higher utility bills with no jobs. We don’t need our utilities taxed period.
      I say, push the pressure on for impeachment. there is enough on him to do it. America arise! Power to all the people!

    • happy infidel

      This helps restore some of the respect I had lost in the black voting public. Good on them.

  2. lora

    Thank you for speaking out and for saying what I am feeling and what I think many Americans are feeling.

    • Mc

      Yes, a very honest and refreshing minority opinion and a welcome change from the usual Obama cheerleading

  3. Daniela

    I am definitely impressed and inspired. Very well done, continue speaking the truth! Bravo!

  4. Sandra Fleming

    So refreshing to hear real people for a change. SO sad our country has been almost brought to her knees by the power hungry, $$ mongers. I appreciate every thing these citizens said, and that they are standing up against the liberals that use us all for their own purpose. There are many of us that feel the same way, that the liberal media calls racists, and another vile name they can think of because they don’t have the truth on their side. WE are Americans, WE love our country and her people but WE also can think for ourselves and don’t need any more of the same from the selfish elected of both parties. God bless America…Government does not have a brain: it has become a renegade tyrannical establishment run by radicals. 2014 is our chance to rectify much if there is no more fraudulent , dead, illegal voters. Term limits is a good start, and no life time benefits or career politicians. They all need to sign a contract to follow the Constitution; if not they will be sent packing.

    • Guest

      The constitution is the foundation of this country and if they don’t uphold the oath that they take when sworn into office,they have committed an act of treason,there are very serious penaltys for treason and if they tried,convicted,and executed a politician for treason,maybe the rest of them would resign or take their oath seriously.

  5. joanie

    I would like to see this go National, hope it gets picked up! Jobs are needed and Obama has done, and will continue to do, whatever he can to see that more jobs are eliminated. He wants to bring America down and install a Marxist utopia. Wake up America. Thanks RP.

  6. Holly Swanson

    My heart breaks for these people. They work hard to try to turn things around and get thrown under the bus time and again. Don’t blame Obama – blame Jarrett. She’s the force behind the throne – he’s just her per project.

    • Guest

      Maybe they should consider joining another party,if the libertarians had control of this country,they could fix the problems that this country is facing,the republicans aren’t as bad as the democrats yet,but they’re working on it,we need a party in power that represents all Americans and the democrats are not that party,they wipe their asses with the constitution and this country cannot function without it.

    • Alex

      What about Whites that work hard for the White race? You sympathize with them as well, right?

  7. behindthe8

    well these folks are obviously just a bunch of racist haters. Where is MSNBC to Shout them down? Oh, Wait….

  8. Alex

    So where is the video of the WHITE people interviewed matter-of-factly about whether politicians are doing enough to help the WHITE RACE? Or can only Blacks discuss things that impact racial groups? Are Whites second class citizens in the country they made or is it now down the third class? When is enough, enough???

  9. Maria

    Very cool to see these activists speaking out. I’ve lived in Chicago for several years, and I know it’s not easy to say anything against Pres. Obama there. The whole city seems to support him, and what has come of it? These activists speak straight to the truth of it, and I’m glad they’re voicing their much-needed opinions.

    On Pres. Obama’s desire to raise minimum wage: These activists touched on it briefly, but just to note this down–raising the minimum wage is an initiative that will unleash several effects on the US. If min wage is raised in the private sector, many min wage workers will lose their jobs. You can’t raise the price of labor without affecting the supply and demand of min wage labor. Businesses will employ only as many workers as they need; they may very well also lay off salaried workers just to meet their frontline needs. When you add up all the layoffs across the country, you’ll see that unemployment will increase, labor participation will decrease. The econ reasoning behind raising the wage is that it’ll stimulate workers’ spending/investing, but people are in a recession mode and will likely save, not spend. These newly unemployed min wage workers will then have the hard task of training (while unemployed), and the wonderful new wage will not help them or anyone else who was already unemployed. For the unemployed masses, we’ll then need to extend/increase unemployment benefits. Lastly, the income inequality gap will simply get wider, because the nonworking population would have gotten bigger (and the ratio between nonworking to working would dramatically increase). Raising the minimum wage will not help the little guys, the big guys or our economy.

  10. JR

    Am am glad these activists spoke their mind. They say the same things I say, but since I am a white conservative I am labeled as a racist. Does that make these black activists racists? I know it doesn’t but the liberal media would do it to me. Will them label these activists?

  11. suz

    what we have here are precious gems in a sea of sludge. these articulate men and women are the beautiful voices of truth. they represent the true SOTU.


  12. PC

    The president is getting dissent from within the community. The people on the video voiced their displeasure and discontent with the policies and practices of the Obama administration.

    Last week, the Congressional Black Caucus came out swinging over the absence of blacks getting judicial appointments – didn’t make the news reels, though, did it? Cannot be surprised.


  13. Dave Hill

    The Democratic party has been hi-jacked by self-serving radicals in love with themselves.
    They have played on race and class hatred to get where they are using classic communist subversion techniques. Divide and conquer, that is their motto. Let’s get back to being America. We have been had by liars and scapegoaters pushing a tired ideology that has produced nothing in the world but failed, bankrupt states like Cuba and North Korea and multiple massacres.

  14. grayjohn

    We racist crackers have been trying to tell you this for years. Welcome to reality.
    Better late than never I guess.

  15. Tonia

    Obama not your daddy what are you doing about all the black on black killing up there. You men crying do something about the killings up there. Black people always been last nobody care about you cause you don’t care about yourself. What did the white presidents do for your black azz?

  16. Joleen

    I was really moved by this video. I couldn’t agree more with everything everyone said. I am a white, unemployed for 5 years professional. Because I’m older, I think the marketplace is a little tougher for me. I do what I can to live, but times have been tough. I want jobs for everyone that is willing! I want our country to be great, our communities to thrive, and our children to have hope.

    I was inspired by your views and I would love to hear – how can we begin to work together!!! I’m sick of the blame game. I want solutions!!! Not band-aids to shut up one area of constituency after the other. Besides its not even working! How do we, the people, do a better job at holding these people accountable. Elections are NOT ENOUGH!!!

    Tell me, how can we help each other to achieve our goals! Let’s do it! I’m all in.

    In the meantime, I wish you and yours many blessings and peace of mind as you continue to do what you can to survive in this environment.

  17. CynicalGuy42

    Well, they do make some valid points. A raise in the minimum wage is not going to help the unemployed. Also, patronage, nepotism, cronyism, and shielding certain businesses from competition is also a problem in our society.

  18. I. R. Edwards

    So glad so many of you are waking up. Have a good look a the Tea Party like I did and support honest, intelligent, moral men like Dr. Ben Carson and Sen. Ted Cruz. There’s still hope for America while these outstanding men are waiting in the wings. God bless America and restore her greatness.!

  19. Allen

    Its toooo late for you dumb ass activists that voted for Obama in the first place. Instead of voting a president to office because the color of his skin maybe you should have picked up a history book or got yourself a little more educated on who you voted for!!!! Imagine that Obama’s base reading and educating themselves????

    Check Out This Blog To Read More On Your Buddy Obama and Realize How Much You F__ked Up

  20. Dee smith

    if I didn’t know better they were talking like the tea party, they were not asking for handouts just jobs. they will either be ignored by the unmain media or mocked and riduculed…they mentioned that bad C word a few times ,our constitution.

  21. tregun

    Amen, brothers and sisters! This Presidency has been a disaster for the whole country.

  22. Hot shot

    Amen and amen, It is great to see people who are waking up and speaking out. I have always respected the “Office of President” but this President does not respect our Constitution and seems bent on the Government controlling everything we do or say.
    God bless those brave enough to voice their opinion.

  23. JR

    Honestly, I cannot follow Alex. If it is sarcasm, then I apologize because I don’t get it. It seems that the issue of race is clouding everything else, and that he might dislike me just because of the color of my skin. It seems that he might distrust me just because my skin is lighter than his. It sounds as if he thinks that all light-skinned people go home every night from their cushy 100k per year job and discuss with their families and friends how to hurt the dark-skinned people. Well, you’re never going to hear this from the people you listen to Alex, but you are wasting your time hating us. You don’t come up in our conversations. We don’t go home every night and try to figure out how to hurt you. Many of us don’t even try to help you anymore…. because we are tired of helping people who dislike us. It is up to you to end this cycle. We are kind of tired of it all. We are busy trying to find work, or trying to keep the jobs we have. News Flash! Corporate America wants to fire us as badly as they do you. They want to keep our wages down as bad as you. Sharpton, Jackson, and yes, Obama are all playing you man. They are staying rich inciting dislike (the state of the union is so bad that I can be fired for using the “H” word, so I’m not going to) and division. If Obama really cared about you, he wouldn’t be forcing you to pay several hundred bucks each month for health care. My kids cannot afford it. If they get a pay raise at work, it goes to Obama. If they get another, it goes to Obama. If a family of four, with both parents working, make 87,500 per year then Obamacare gives them 5k in subsidies to go towards their premiums. It doesn’t cover their premiums, but just helps them pay the enormous cost of Obamacare insurance. Now, if one of the parents gets a 3% raise, then the family income goes up to 90,125.00 per year, which is about 218.00 per month before taxes. Congratulations, because now all of the Obamacare subsidies end, and you will owe the government 416.00 MORE per month for insurance. So instead of a pay raise, you end up taking a pay cut of 198.00 per month. (more, when you consider taxes) But I can’t worry about keeping my job, paying my bills, or helping my kids make it to adulthood Alex. I’m wayyyy to busy trying to find ways to hurt you. (Sarcasm) The only hope for our nation begins with you, my friend. If Obama and the Dems figure out that they cannot continue to play you, then things will begin to change for the better. Are all dark-skinned people 100% honest? Do they all work hard every day, are totally trust-worthy, unselfish, and wake up every day thinking about how they can help the poor people of this country? I know all light-skinned people aren’t. Then why put your blind faith and trust in Obama? You are a fool my friend. And he is playing you for a fool. And so are the dems. If all voters unite for once, and vote according to what is best for the country, then we can be strong and free again. If you can ever figure out that light-skinned people are just people, then the country can really start moving forward in ways that you can’t even imagine. But I cannot stop you from disliking me man. I have given up trying. I can only hope that in a couple more generations your children might see the light. Good luck.

  24. JR

    @JR -My apologies. I finally saw a post that cleared everything up. You will see that my post was directed at people with a certain mind-set. Not conservatives who are frustrated that we cannot speak freely. I mentioned that in my post too. Sorry man.

  25. JR

    Didn’t mean to hijack ur handle dude. LOL This is why ppl shouldn’t post at 2am!

  26. RickT

    There is a party that has the same concerns being expressed in these comments. It’s call the Tea Party. The problem, though, is that their reputation has been smeared and distorted by the liberal media and leftist politicians. Whenever minority groups think of the Tea Party, they picture a bunch of white racist fanatics. But in actuality these are regular Americans who are simply tired of an ever-expanding big government interjecting itself into every aspect of their lives. They respect the Constitution and want a government that does the same. They believe in lower taxes and smaller government. Nothing racist about that.

    Most Tea Party adherents are dismayed by the lack of involvement in their movement by minority groups (most Tea Party members and gatherings are overwhelmingly white), and would in reality welcome minorities with open arms. If more minorities would get involved with the movement, it would make it increasingly difficult for the liberal media to falsely slander them as racists and bigots.

    Blacks in this country need to quit letting those on the political left define who they are. Don’t let others think for you, and don’t allow others to slander you when you dare to break the mold and begin exploring other political options. As long as the black community continues to blindly vote Democrat, they will increasingly be taken for granted by that party. And that party has been taken over by those on the radical left. Unfortunately, parts of the Republican Party have begun to drift that way as well.

    There is a war underway for the hearts and minds of Americans between two competing world views. One view, the traditional one, holds to our Judeo-Christian heritage. The other world view, a conglomeration of humanist, Marxist, and Socialist ideology, is seeking to completely destroy our heritage and turn us into a socialist/humanist utopia. These competing world views are at the heart of what most of us can plainly see as the culture war currently raging in our society. For anyone interested in exploring this further I can recommend to great books: “Understanding the Times” by David A. Noebel and “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg.

    The main problem in this country, besides apathy, is people allowing the media and others to form their opinions and thoughts. Get informed. Then vote with intelligence and conscience.

  27. Lee Tabor

    I’m very impressed by these people who spoke their mind. These are folks I’d be glad to help better themselves. I wish I lived in the same city so I could offer my time to help you all in any way I could to have economic success. God bless y’all.


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