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Cook County Republicans and conservatives are scrambling in a last-minute effort to fill the remaining vacancies for Republican election judges in Cook County, Illinois.

This marks the first time ever, or that anyone can at least remember, that every polling place in one of the country’s most corrupt counties will be manned with a “real Republican.” Typically in the past, the deadline for judges to apply passes and the remaining spots are filled with more Democrat judges, leaving one party in control of hundreds of poling places without any check and balance against irregularities and fraud.

This year, a suburban mom, Sharon Meroni launched a crusade to fill every Republican election judge position with a real Republican in Cook County. She is close to accomplishing this seemingly impossible task, but is still 400 election judges short as of this morning. The deadline for finding people to apply for these slots is Thursday, September 27.

Meroni told Breitbart News, “there are 9000 votes in nursing home polling places alone; without honest conservative election judges our most vulnerable citizens are risk.” She also credits Cook County GOP Chairman Aaron Del Mar and the Cook County Republican Party for being 100% behind election integrity “for the first time ever.”

Meroni and the Cook County Republican Party are looking for Cook County residents who are Republicans and who can serve as election judges on November 6th, 2012. This position pays $170 for the day as compensation. Being an election judge involves making sure fraud does not take place, checking to make sure all correct procedures are being followed, and reporting any suspicious behavior that a judge notices. Election judges are the best way to ensure voter fraud is prevented in polling places.

If you live in Cook County and are a Republican, you can apply to be an Election Judge by going to the website www.ElectionJudges.US and clicking on the Cook County button. You can also call 312-242-1818.

If you don’t live in Cook County, please help the effort by blasting this information out to your email lists and asking any friends or relatives you have in Cook County if they can serve as an election judge.

Meroni and the Cook County Republican Party are looking for 400 people by tomorrow and can succeed in eliminating voter fraud in Cook County for the first time in history if they can fill these positions.

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Thanks to the Dana Show for covering the importance of this issue today. Listen in to our discussion.

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  1. PainterDude

    Two days ago I read about the republican staffers that turned in 2000 voter registrations and 1700 were falsified. This morning I read about the republican consultant/strategist who has turned in more bogus registrations and has been implicated in the past for voter registraton fraud. Really, you should worry about your own backyard before accusing democrats of being the ones committing fraud.

    • rebelpundit

      Love to see the proof of that. The Democrats live and die by fraud, it is the only way to push their fraudulent anti-American agenda.


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