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Yesterday we released a video of John Bachtell, a national board member from the Communist Party U.S.A., addressing the bongo-banging, spoiled, suburban run-aways at the #OccupyChicago tent city and an interview with a few of his “fellow travelers” in the march.

Thanks to a reader tip, we have identified the three individuals in the march who we interviewed. In the photo below starting on the left is James Raines, a University of Memphis teacher (from reader tip), next to his right is Jordan Farrar (Young Communist League & Organizing for America), and next to him is Gabe Niechcial, another young communist.

According to the P/oed Patriot, Farrar, seen in the white C.P. USA shirt, is not only a Young Communist League leader, but he is also a member of Barack Obama’s Organizing for America and he organized a rally in 2009 for OFA to support President Obama’s health care bill. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was featured guest at Farrar’s event as well.

Notice the host name on the screenshot of the event invitation.

Jordan is a self-described “militant anti-racist anti-fascist Marxist-Leninist skinhead.”

As found on his Facebook page:

“I am a writer for the People’s World, an organizer for the Young Communist League, USA, and a dedicated member of the Communist Party, USA. I am a militant anti-racist anti-fascist Marxist-Leninist skinhead. I fight along with my comrades for a better world through peace, equality, democracy and by creating a socialist America to put an end to the imperialist and capitalist aggression that has been carried out in the name of the American people.”

He also states:

“Another world is possible, another United States is necessary!”

In the photo below you can see James Raines, who we initially received reader information on, photographed spreading his message with the Marxist Student Union on campus at the University of Memphis.

And now we get to hear from all the “occupiers,” that video evidence of communists, socialists, anarchists, and such, showing up at their flea-infested freak shows, is not their fault. “It is an open protest,” they cry, “anyone can come.”

Well, it seems that is the point: they are coming, and they are being welcomed. They have organized for the Democratic Party and the President of the United States and now they are part of your pathetic “Obama-endorsed” marches. Accept it and love it for what it is, or go back to your parents’ oversized suburban homes, wash your hair, get a job and start helping the rest of America fix this country.

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  1. Zburnett

    So what you’re saying is every single person is a dirty, long-haired, unemployed young person? That’s so weird, after seeing the tens of thousands of people of all ages and races take to the streets over the last few weeks. You’re point against OWS is almost nonexistent. You say none of them have jobs? (A) That’s not true, and (B) perhaps they don’t have jobs because they lost them due to the exact thing they’re protesting? It’s funny to see the RW trying to delegitimize the movement because it scares them. The Tea Party got a huge boost from Fox News. Without them the Tea Party wouldn’t exist. In addition, I’m pretty sure the Tea Party isn’t a global movement. OWS is.

    • Tina Rocha

      I travel for business and I haven’t seen one true protest outside of Manhattan and when you ask what it is they want? Is like nailing pudding to a tree. Seattle had some 150 folks just like Denver but that’s over. The OWS crowd acts like they are taking America by storm when in truth they occupied 3 city blocks in Battery Park. 80% of flyover America, you know that pesky little constituency that makes or breaks elections, have little or no interest in the event and could care less. Where was the L.A. protest? OWS will never make it to the heartland and if it does, won’t survive. Stay in New York, you deserve each other.

  2. Jeff

    Spoken like a true traitor. Favoring an international socialist revolution over the Constitution. Get a job and wash your hair dirt head.

  3. Jacob

    What an idiot. Fascism is militant socialism. By claiming to be “anti-fascist” Jordan is saying that he is against what he proudly proclaims to be.

  4. RexRedbone

    What a stuttering fool just wanted to slap him up side his head and tell him to Spit it out or stay the hell away from public speaking!


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