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Adam Sharp was on the scene in St. Louis outside Claire McCaskill’s office.

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  1. Zeek

    If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times, don’t mock the afflicted.

  2. Rob Houck

    This is just another example of the mindless, hateful people who are involved in these types of situations. These union thugs have been brainwashed by the union propaganda they recieve from the union bosses, who target the mentally challenged and unstable. This makes brainwashing relatively easy for the perpetrators. The recipients of the union brainwashing often have a problem with hate, even beforehand. For people to display behavior this hateful and uncivilized is an indication of more than just political brainwashing; this degree of irrationality and derangement is an indication of a serious mental disorder.

    These are the groups that are openly supported by the communists, socialists, Marxists/Leninists, and other radicals. Unions are not the solution to anything; they are the problem. They are not based on American principles of freedom and liberty. Unions were conceived in the 19th century by socialists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who authored The Communist Manifesto. They believed in pitting the employee against the employer. They were also instigators of class warfare.

    There was a time and place where collective bargaining was not always a bad thing, but in this day and age, it is often harmful to all parties except the unions and their beneficiary, the democrat party. Workers in the private sector should have the right to organize, as well as the right not to organize. Employers should also have the right not to be organized.

    Most unions, especially the larger ones, are affiliated and supported by the CPUSA, DSA, and other communist and socialist parties and organizations. They often coordinate and participate in protests, marches, and other activities with the unions, such as the October 2,2010 gathering in DC, and the current protests in Madison and other state capitols.


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