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The attacks against Donald Trump are escalating and those who despise him and his supporters are waiting for any slip up he might make that they can use to destroy him. Those detractors thought that opportunity came yesterday when Trump for a second seemed to discredit John McCain’s military service.

During a conservative conference, Frank Luntz described McCain–who this week called tens of thousands of conservative Americans, “crazies”–as a war hero.

“He’s not a war hero, he is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured,” Trump said.

Trump’s comments sparked immediate outrage, however, comments made by John McCain himself seem to back up what Trump said.

In a 2000 television documentary, “Prisoners of War: Code of Conduct,” McCain said, “I was not a hero….I was witness to a hundred, thousands of acts of courage, compassion and love by men who remain my heroes to this day.”

Trump who later clarified his remarks, but did not apologize for them went on to say, “If a person is captured, they’re a hero as far as I’m concerned. … But you have to do other things also,” Trump said. “I don’t like the job John McCain is doing in the Senate because he is not taking care of our veterans.”


Then later taking to Facebook to address the issue further Trump said, “I have great respect for all those who serve in our military including those that weren’t captured and are also heroes.”

Donald Trump on McCain



15 Responses

  1. SCOTT

    McCain is NOT a hero, and not a good Senator at all. He didn’t even show up to run against Obama, but OF COURSE the Republican party(With their influx of Left-Wingers) nominated him. That was the last time I ever supported the Republican Party; enough was enough. McCain typifies SENATE members for what they are; bunch of old, impotent, far detached from reality folks who LONG should have been term limited out of office. They are literally useless as a governing body because of McCain, and guys like him.

  2. Chris Brosnahan

    McCain is a damned RINO!!! We no longer need him …OUT!!! …OUT!!! OUT!!! THE Donald is correct…the man I once respected has become, himself a leftist and an ebarrassment to himself and his country

  3. Manuel Vellón

    Chickenhawk Trump. Could have served but defered 4times to not have his feathers Plucked. My father n grandfather both drafted served received purple hearts and altho my grandfather passed my father is my living hero. Trump earn ur Eagle Feathers n sign up to fight Isis

    • Todd

      My grandfather served in WWI, my father in WWII and I served, too. Unless you also served, your opinion of Trump lacks weight.

  4. Fred

    Trump is onto something. Other than being a POW McCain’s Navy career was completely undistinguished, despite the advantages he had (Admiral’s son, Naval Academy, etc.). His reputation was as a goof off and screw up. Yet he’s used his military service to great political advantage, essentially trading on it, repeatedly. Yes, he survived great hardship in Hanoi. Good for him. But so did many others for whom Viet Nam began a lifetime of hardship rarely spoken about and almost never turned to self-serving advantage, not to mention those who simply never came back. McCain is all about McCain. He shouldn’t have called Trump’s supporters crazy. And when he did the gloves were off. It’s sort of like Cosby. Put yourself on a pedestal and at some point someone will call you on it.

  5. Douglas Childers

    McCain is an idiot. I commend him for his service but the man is anybody’s dog that will lead him. I don’t think trump is the man for president I personally think there is no man for the job that will be running. There all scum.

  6. Rob Qweevinen

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  7. Desiree M. Brown

    In regards to deportation, the Dominican Republic has recently deported a large number of Haitians. Those Haitians who were unable to provide documents proving citizenship, were deported.

    Donald Trump and other presidential candidates are constantly being criticised for their statements regarding Deportation.

    The Dominican Republic deportation hasn’t been reported much in the media (msm).


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