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What we’re seeing play out on the streets of Ferguson, New York and other cities are the rumblings of the race war that the American radical neo-liberals have been struggling to create for nearly fifty years. Few Americans understand this history, much less the direct connections between 1960s terror group the Weather Underground and the Obama administration.

However, if you listen closely to echoes of the cop killer’s shots that rang out in Brooklyn Saturday, you can hear the distant cries from 1960s radicals like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn shouting “off the pigs!”

Let’s look at the history.

In June 1969, a group of white socialists with connections to the college group Students for a Democratic Society (S.D.S.) got tired of the S.D.S.’s talk about leftist revolution and decided to form an activist group called the Weather Underground. The splinter group was created by children of wealth and privilege who had been inspired by the Black Panther Party.

The rich kids from the Weather Underground took steps to toughen themselves up. The New York Times reported:

in order to rid the members of their bourgeois habits, the collectives forced couples to separate, required homosexuality, drug taking and round-the-clock sessions of self-criticism. One time, they skinned and ate an alley cat.

The members of the Weather Underground included Bryn Mawr roommates Kathy Boudin and Diana Oughten. Boudin would later go to serve time for a 1980s bank robbery that left a guard dead; she’s currently a teacher in New York. Oughten fared much worse: she was blown up by the botched pipe bomb making attempt for a planned attack on soldiers and their wives and girlfriends at dance in New Jersey. Police found Oughten’s headless body, missing both hands and one foot…killed accidentally by her own comrades. (A fact that visibly shakes Ayers today, when confronted with it.)

That 1970 explosion that killed Oughten and two other Weather members sent two others into hiding: the future Hyde Park neighbors of Barack Obama named Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. The pair would remain underground until turning themselves into authorities in 1980. Dorhn and Ayers would both become university teachers and remain radical neo-liberal leftists, even speaking at Occupy Wall Street in 2012.

The ideas of the Weather Underground were as simple as they were twisted: start a race war between black and white in the hope that black citizens would rise up, kill as many white people as possible and take over.

At the Weather’s planning event called the Flint War Council, they had even praised Charles Manson and his “Manson Family” cult’s attempt to start such a race war with his “Helter Skelter” killing of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and others in Los Angeles. In a speech at the War Council, future university professor Dorhn screeched approvingly:

“First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the pig Tate’s stomach! Wild!”

Kathy Boudin, Diana Oughten and the rest of Weather Underground even began using a finger salute with each other as a reference to the fork that the Manson family used on Sharon Tate and her unborn baby. At another point in the meeting, a Weatherman shouted “all white babies are pigs.”

In his 2001 book, Bill Ayers said “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Fast forward to 2014. President Obama is in the White House, former Columbia radical Eric Holder is running the Department of Justice…and a race war is simmering in America.

Prior to becoming President, Obama was a neighbor of Ayers and Dorhn and worked with Ayers on a committee. His connection to Ayers was first brought out by Hillary Clinton in the 2007 Democratic primary.

The radical tactics and rhetoric aren’t being spouted directly by Pres. Obama and AG Holder. They are the authority figures now. The radicals are on the streets, led by Obama ally Al Sharpton, trained by people like radical leftist leader Lisa Fithian. These are the children of the revolution and they’re in charge now.

But the ideas? The ideas of the Weather Underground and the Obama administration are the same. Take the concept of “White Privilege.”

White privilege was a key concept with Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground: they called it “white skin privilege.”

That philosophy was being taught in Ferguson by the Obama administration.

National Review wrote:

As investigators combed through Ferguson, DOJ’s Community Relations Service began holding the town-hall meetings, which excluded press and everyone from out of town. Ferguson resident Audrey Watson, 47, attended one of the meetings. She says federal officials organized the attendees into small groups and asked questions such as “What stereotypes exist in our community?” “How does white privilege impact race relations in our community?” and “Is there a need for personal commitment to race relations?”

This is your tax dollars at work and in frightening move, it was being done with no media allowed. As Gateway Pundit wrote a couple of weeks ago, a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was kicked out of the meeting by the Obama administration.

Compare what the Weather Underground radicals were saying in 1969 about white privilege brainwashing white people…

providing privileges and material benefits . . . to white people, mystifying many and winning their allegiance . . . white skin privilege was . . . a real and effective bribe against consciousness and struggle . . . white people are mostly brainwashed. We lucky few will wake them up . .

That’s the 1960s radicals. Now, here’s the Republican mayor of Ferguson in 2014, James Knowles III talking about the event hijacked (and then closed to the press) by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice:

“I mean, I think it was really just trying to get people to understand what white privilege means, because the average white person wakes up and says, if you’re just a middle-class white person, you say, What privilege do I have? But until you really understand the systemic issues and maybe some of those not-visible things that exist in society, which affect African Americans or other persons of color, you may not really understand what that is.”

That’s a Republican mayor agreeing with Bill Ayers and the terrorist radical that white people are brainwashed into not understanding white privilege.

There’s no other way to describe that than a huge victory for radical neo-liberal Marxism. The problem is that white politicians like Knowles are too brainwashed by nearly fifty years of relentless neo-liberal control of education to know it. Note how many former Weather Underground terrorists are now university teachers.

The leftists have been very, very patient. They control the classrooms that teach the journalists reporting on what’s happening now. Their ideas control the White House and Department of Justice. Their allies control the street protests.

And blood is beginning to flow.

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  1. SirRuncibleSpoon

    Neo-liberals, supposedly intelligent people with a finely sense of awareness about the nuances of social interactions amongst various groups, want a race war? They’d have to be nuts . . . . oh, yeah, I forgot: they are.

    So what does generating a race war get them? I think they have in mind generating revolution, a classic uprising of the downtrodden which gains the ground down the righteous control of a State’s economy and political apparatuses . . . er, apparatii . . . or whatever. But I think what our neo-liberals will generate is mind-numbing chaos, a maelstrom of wild-eyed panic, violence and blind hatred that will suck them up with everything–and everyone–else.

    You see, modern economies and social structures contain elements that are interdependent to a degree and along lines that earlier, less complex societies could not understand. America and Americans can’t survive a revolution.

    Tens of millions of people live in urban areas. Once the race riots start in these cities, trucks bearing daily infusions of food and medicine stop running into these cauldrons of fire, blood and bullets. Within mere days, urban food supplies run out and the frightened mobs/gangs/families of inner city justice-seekers spread outward to the ‘burbs, where, it is thought, ample food awaits the well-armed shopper.

    Meanwhile, the suburban cousins have been ransacking the local Piggly-Wigglies and Home Depots like there’s no tomorrow, which, as a matter of note, there isn’t. By the time now hungry, predominantly urban black mobs/gangs/families reach these oases of food and medicine three or four days into nationwide riot, these stores are largely empty or grimly defended by frightened suburbanites.

    As chaos and bloodshed rips through suburban areas, frightened groups/gangs/militias/families in the burbs are fleeing into the countryside, which holds for the frightened flocks the promise of ample food and room and peace. Wrong-o.

    I live in one of these (once-fruitful) rural areas in western Maine, and we got squat for farms and such. Oh, there’s the odd plot here and there, the occasional cow- filled pasture once in a while, but we’re facing our own ransacked Walmarts and ruined mom and pop emporiums along with the rest of the country which relies on trucks from major agri-busness outlets to get our food supply.

    A nation off its meds, hospitals ransacked for drugs, no electricity, overflowing toilets that won’t flush, millions of frantic thumbs numbly scurrying across millions of blackened, silent cell phones. Massive die-off of the sick and weak and old. Bloated bodies pile up in the streets unmourned, unmoved and unburied. Plague. Rats and flies are the only life forms getting fat. Winter comes and . . . well you get the picture.

    The dreams of neo-liberals, soon to be realized on our soon to be mean streets, lead inevitably to the ruination of this once great nation. Chaos not revolution. Panicked rampages not re-balanced scales of justice. Now, we do have some dried food under the steps and herds of turkeys and deer roaming about SirRuncible’s Ranch. My wife gardens, supporting us and a socialist cabal of fat, greasy woodchucks with no sense when to call quits to their pillaging.

    You might think I’d be rather phlegmatically stolid in a dry, Maine Yankee kind of way on this, the eve of Total National Collapse, but I’m not kidding myself. The chaos will swallow us rurals, too, if only a little later than it consumes some frenzied denizens of the inner city or some very surprised neo-liberals wondering, “WTF??!?” in the ravaged suburbs.

  2. Grumpy

    Thanks Rebel.. You just saved me a bunch of time, at least for now. Over the last week I’ve been talking to friends old enough to remember what happened in the 60s early 70s. I’d decided it was time to put a piece on Grumpy Opinions about it.. as a part of that, I’ll link this, with an excerpt.

    As you pointed out, this is all to familiar The tactics are exactly the same, except this time, instead of coming from a bunch of communist terrorists, they’re coming from our own government.

  3. theBuckWheat

    As with all things liberal, the person who controls the meaning of the words and memes controls the effect of the action. In this case, what exactly is “white”? By noticing who is included in non-white, we can see this is not at all about race, it is about ideology.

    When Nobel Prize winning poet Tony Morrison can write an October 1988 New Yorker article titled “Clinton as the first black president” was “Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime,” then what is “black”? When the NAACP calls the black conservative Kenneth Gladney, “not black enough”, and “not a brother” then what is “black”? When Time magazine’s Jack White calls Supreme Court Justice Thomas, “the scariest of all the hobgoblins”, saying “Washington seems to be filled with white men who make black people uneasy”, than what is “black”?

    We can see by how liberals define “black”, that it is really people who are red, that is supporters of socialism. Caucasians who are socialists are not the “white” people they protest against. In this context “white” means the remnants of conservative Christian-based values, which is still the cultural majority of the US.

    • Grumpy

      Like the Vietnam War, for these people is something to used to agitate and provoke. They have no real concern for black people. If they’d gotten their race war 45 years ago huge number of blacks would have been killed, probably most of the population

      When 13% of the population tries to take on both the government and 85% of the population it’s not likely to end well for 13%. Additionally a huge percentage of the white population were WWII, Korean War and Vietnam Vets.

  4. DrKC4

    This typo is kind of eerie: “The pair would remain underground until turning themselves into authorities in 1980.”

    Of course you mean “turning themselves in to..” but the fact is that not long after,they managed to turn themselves INTO authorities, as well.

    • SirRuncibleSpoon

      What a great, keen-eyed observation! The space bar’s failure to launch does nail the transition that yesterday’s punks and political hoodlums have undergone.


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