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The Purge: Election Year blew up the box office last weekend, taking in $14.5 million on its opening day.

The film portrays what life would be like if all crime, including murder, was legal for one night a year in exchange for crime being all but nonexistent the other 364 days a year. New to The Purge Election Year is the now legal killing of top elected officials, thus creating the plot of this year’s purge flick, not without the typical overt political messaging of Hollywood.

When the trailer for the newest purge movie was released, the slogan “Keep America Great” was a focal point. The overt “jab” at Trump was noticed by social media users.

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Following the release of The Purge: Election Year, the anti-Trump train took off. Social media users commented on the Trump vs. Hillary connotations seen throughout the film. From bashing the NRA to demonizing the Chrisitan faith, The Purge: Election Year is full of Hollywood one percenters’ bias which seems to be embraced rather than condemned for its lack of neutrality during a real-life election year.

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This bias is not new to the Purge movies. When Purge: Anarchy was released in 2014, the same progressive connotations were seen in the vivid portrayals of class warfare and condemnation of the “one percent.”

The hypocrisy behind the plot of the movie is evident. While the writers went out of their way to condemn the NRA and the use of guns, the entire franchise is making millions off the action-based film in which guns are the focal point. So guns aren’t okay to use for citizens to protect their property, but Hollywood is exempt from following through on their own rhetoric.

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