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Here is some more footage from the flee-infestested bongo-bangers demanding direct democracy (mob rule by dreadlock dirtbags) in Chicago on Monday. They converged outside the Art Institute to protest an event for the Mortgage Bankers Association. Unfortunately it reveals a frightening similarity between the hygienically challenged protesters and Hitler’s Nazis of World War II.

Does the following footage freak anyone else out just a little bit?

[vsw id=”3YQIm6SSE0o” source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no”]


6 Responses

  1. atlasrising

    Let’s not do the lefties a favor by using the German acronym for mid-twentieth century totalitarians but call them what they were– National Socialists.

  2. Ron Paul's Balls

    They’re absolutely Nazis! Next they will be calling for the extermination of all non-Aryan races. Mark my words. These protesters are funny looking, dirty hippie Nazis.

  3. Josh Sees

    All this video does is show Nazis next to occupies protesting. You could have put a video of Nazis next to a Tea Party rally or a anti-abortion rally, or an anti-war rally. It doesn’t mean the two are related. It’s like showing a video of the Pope eating oatmeal and then showing a video of a baptist minister eating oatmeal and then saying that the baptist minister must be a secret Catholic. The logic is faulty and dangerous.

  4. Diane

    Greedy people wanting something for nothing, calling out what they say is greed. Does that make sense? Oh! and by the way probably most of them have cell phones that they purchased from some greedy Company, not to mention the greedy service provider. Needy, greedy infantile society re-treads and newbees. If this is their desired future, their ship will sink.

  5. HMStarsnStripes

    While they may not be Nazis, this Occupy movement is implementing many of the tactics of propaganda and brainwashing or indoctrination that the Nazis use. They are also using an extremely vague platform that appeals to many more then if they had a clear goal, also a Nazi move.
    Tea Party and Occupy movements are different in one very distinct way, the Tea Party cries for you to do your own research and find the truth for your self, while Occupy is telling it’s ppl to trust them implicitly and doesn’t even give them a chance to question.

  6. travis

    If your calling these people names you are one of those who is to be under the hammer of justice when it falls. A new wind is blowing you corporate fat cats and IT WILL!!! wash away the evil!


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