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Proving that while they may be a minority, they won’t be shut up or intimidated by the Occupy Chicago protesters, as-yet unidentified denizens of the Chicago Board of Trade building posted signs the spelled out “WE ARE THE 1%” in their windows above the street:

As reported by Jake Malooley in Time Out Chicago, these signs appeared to ridicule the Occupy Chicago protesters on the streets below:

“Four pieces of white paper, pasted on as many windows of the historic 141 West Jackson Boulevard building, declared in dark marker, WE ARE THE 1%. The taunt, it seems, was directed at Occupy Chicago protesters who’ve been demonstrating under the banner of “We are the 99 percent,” in solidarity with New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement. Fluctuating numbers of protesters have been sitting in for nearly two weeks in front of the Federal Reserve Bank at 231 South LaSalle Street, in the shadow of the CBOT.”

RebelPundit Media is gladdened to see that while they may be the minority, the 1% is showing some signs of fighting back–and as seems so appropriate in this particular case, humor is the best weapon. Look for more on-the-scenes reporting of Occupy Chicago in the coming days. Till then, we’re laughing with you, 1 percenters.

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    • Brad

      Jeff’s profile: I get all my news from Think Progress, MoveOn and MSNBC. Obama and Unicorns for-ever!

    • Elizabeth

      Try Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pushing risky loans and Community Organizers and ACORN that threatened their city banks that if they did not lend these risky loans then they would bring them hell with racism charges. And what about the politicians like Barnie Frank and Chirs Dodds and friends who benefited financially and were more concerned about their power and reelections. Then there is the banks who took these risky loans and found a creative way to bundle them thus Barnie, Chris, Fannie and Freddie Mac made out like bandits in bonuses. And the timeline? You have to go back to Clinton when it started and then really ramped up under Bush. Trying to make a home an entitlement was an irresponsible, expensive idea just like all entitlements are.

    • Jacob

      How can Wall Street be both conservative and fascists? Those are polar opposistes. Fascism comes from the totalitarian socialist Mussolini. The only fascists at the Occupy events are the protesters.

      • direwolf

        Jacob, you wingnut dolt. You obviously have NO idea what you are talking about. go back to fox and blw GB.

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