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The race in Illinois’ 8th Congressional District is one of the most contentious in the state – perhaps the country, as well. The incumbent is Joe Walsh (R), a fiscal conservative who does not get caught up in the art of “politicking,” choosing to forgo the RNC to serve his constituents. His opponent is Tammy Duckworth (D), an Iraq War veteran and Obama’s former Assistant Secretary for Veterans Affairs.

After the Liberal majority in Springfield redrew the district lines, Walsh was set up to face Duckworth – who lost a previous run for Congress in 2006. The liberal mainstream media have vilified Walsh every chance they get. However, they have conveniently overlooked Duckworth’s radical ties.

Duckworth presents herself as an affable woman and champion for veterans and all Americans. In fact, she is a far leaning, radically left progressive. In the 2006 election cycle, Duckworth received support from the Communist Party USA, as well as far-left communist, Frank Lumpkin. Her campaign supporters this time around comprise a similar assemblage.

For more information on Duckworth’s socialist ideology and ties, see this link. The people of Illinois’ 8th District need to be aware that Duckworth is not presenting her true ideology to voters.

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