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The Chicago Teachers Union went on strike Monday, refusing to accept a $400 million plan that includes a 16 percent pay raise over four years. The teachers want 30 percent and the promise of not having to dole out pay based on merit. Oh, and they’re complaining about some schools without air conditioning.

What’s worse is they continue to say “it’s about the children.” It is shameful that they would use their position to manipulate parents and the public into buying their far-left progressive agenda.

These are the same teachers who partied all summer with Occupy Wall Street, at the Gay Pride parade, and with the radical anarchists at the violent anti-NATO protests.

What does that have to do with the children?

We put together a video remembrance of one of those “for the kids” actions the Chicago Teachers Union brought its members too. Maybe they’re partying because their average teacher salary in Chicago is already $71,000:

In the meantime, the Chicago charter schools have children in the classroom.

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