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Andrew Breitbart was known as the “happy warrior,” as he combined his deep devotion to freedom and his fellow Americans with an affability and respect for humor as one of the greatest weapons in his fight against the tyranny of the media.

Saturday’s “Occupy the Truth for Peace and Justice” Tea Party march and rally in Cleveland, Ohio, was one of the best tributes to Andrew Breitbart’s style his friends could have put together. And Breitbart’s insight into just who we need to fight to return freedom to the United States was on full display for everyone to see. Everyone, that is, except the mainstream media, who failed to show up despite being invited by march organizer Andrew Marcus.

Marcus, producer of the upcoming documentary “Hating Breitbart,” put the event together along with the Cleveland Tea Party in order to highlight media bias in its coverage of 5 Occupy members who plotted to blow up a commuter bridge and the Federal Reserve building in Cleveland.

The bridge, which carries over 10,000 commuters a day, was the final destination for the march, which had started in downtown Cleveland with speakers like Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, Jim Hoft, and Sonnie Johnson. Chris Loesch sang the national anthem and standout papier-mache Occupier (or, #Occupooper) “Stinky Stan” lead the crowd in chants as they wove their way through downtown Cleveland.

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The fact that no media showed up only served to better underscore what side the mainstream media is on, and the truth of Andrew Breitbart’s insight into the media’s willing and complicit manipulation of the narrative.

For a true taste of the night, follow #Occupooper’s escapades from a night out in Cleveland.

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