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Has President Obama created a “post-racial America?” Spike Lee says no.

In an interview on CNN, Anderson Cooper asked the conspiratorial filmmaker about the racial divide in America:

Cooper: There was a Pew study that came out, I think it was yesterday, it talked about how peoples’ perceptions about what happened here and what’s happening here and perceptions and how radically they differ among African-Americans and among caucasian-Americans and that’s something we have seen time and time again, we saw it during the Trayvon Martin killing and the Zimmerman trial, we’ve seen that during the Rodney King beating. Does that surprise you that there is still that divide in perception in how Americans see this in different ways, and largely in many cases based on race?

Lee: Anderson, I wish it was true but it’s not. Many people thought that the moment that President Obama put his hand on Abraham Lincoln’s bible and took the oath, as president of the United States of America that racism would disappear, abracadabra gone, with this post-racial era, that is not the case.

Lee’s comments about the president came after suggesting a third-party account that Michael Brown charged the police officer who shot him was “orchestrated” on The Dana Show, in order to counter news of autopsy results that show Brown was shot 6 times.

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  1. Jesse

    All I can say is I view this way different than Spike Lee views this situation. I wish I could sit down and talk to him about this . I know that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do nothing to calm anything. They provoke people to violence with inflammatory words. The voice of reason needs to be hear. Obama/ Biden seem to want to create racial disorder by somethings that they have said. They want to use any crisis to promote their agenda.


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