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The following video shows police apprehending black residents. Witnesses on the scene were filming them, and it appears once the cops realized it, they more than lost their cool and attacked them for filming.

At one point you can see an officer reach up over the porch and put one man in a headlock.
The video was published by NBC 12 and was filmed in Petersburg, VA on July 8, 2o14:


Cell phone video shows JaQuan Fisher, 17, standing on his own front porch recording the arrests happening on Rome Street. In the video, an officer is heard saying, “Unless you want me to take your phone from you,” before there is a struggle and video goes to black.

“I was right here. I pulled out my phone,” JaQuan said, pointing to where he was standing.

“Petersburg Police had just busted several people at a home next door. They were handcuffing the suspects in front of Fisher’s home. He walked out onto the porch and his cousin—who was one of the people being arrested–yelled, “Start recording.”

“[The officer] came off the porch and said, ‘You want me to take your phone?'” Fisher said. “I put my phone in my pocket and then when he tried to take my phone, I guess he thought he was going to get my phone and he shoved me. I shoved him back.”

The agency pointed out Debra Fisher was charged with obstruction and found guilty in a court of law.  The agency went on to say, “All subject resistance reports are reviewed by the department and no officers were disciplined or transferred to other positions within the department because of the case. Officers are trained to use the least amount of force. No complaints have been filed and the event happened nearly 3 months ago. Officers do not hinder the public from recording video as it is their right to do so.”

Judging from the footage in the video, the police appear to have severely violated the first amendment rights of the residents filming.

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