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Just one day after a nation wide blizzard smothers North America with snow and frigid temperatures, that continues to pound the eastern half of the country, new evidence appears to support Algore’s predictions (dreams) of rising worldwide temperatures, as groundhog proves spring will come early this year!.

The groundhog had good news for the winter weary this morning. He did not see his shadow, so legend says that spring will arrive early this year. Chief Long Range Forecaster Joe Bastardi is in agreement, at least for areas from Texas to the mid-Atlantic.

Bastardi has been predicting in his Rest of the Winter Forecast that areas from the Plains into the East will have an early, though perhaps false, spring that begins later this month.

He said that while February has gotten off to a wild start, it will settle down once past Valentine’s Day. However, he warns that it could turn colder again from the northern Plains into the Great Lakes and Northeast mid- or late March.

via – Weather News | Groundhog Says Spring Will Come Early this Year.

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