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Following this morning’s news that Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm decided he would not prosecute former police officer Christopher Manney for the killing of Dontre Hamilton, reports surfaced that the National Guard had been called up to deal with protests over the decision.

RebelPundit reached out to Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke for a comment on how law enforcement was preparing to deal with the related protests. While Clarke would not comment on any operational aspects to law enforcement, he said, “We have a plan. Some of that plan was implemented as of 8am this morning.”

Clarke, who made a number of public comments in national news regarding the Ferguson death of Mike Brown and the New York death of Eric Garner, both at the hands of police officers, said, “I’ve made it very clear over the last month and it’s that peaceful protests, rule of law and law and order are not mutually exclusive. They are compatible. We will find a proper balance so that all of those things can go on at the same time.”

Clarke went on to say:

I think it’s clear to clear to let the public and those that are involved in these activities know where that line is so that when they make that decision they can decide whether if consequences result, whether they want to be involved in those consequences.

My expectation is that, if people respond to their disappointment and a decision made by John Chisholm in a civil and orderly way, the process works.

Our criminal justice system is not broken. It is imperfect. It is imperfect, because it is run by human beings. Sometimes the process renders the decision that people are not happy with, that’s ok, they get to not be happy, but they don’t get to call for the overthrow of the United States justice system. That’s anarchy.

We’ve got this sorted out between those who are well intentioned, and those who have infiltrated the ranks of the well intentioned. They have their own private agenda, and it’s not the Dontre Hamilton agenda or the family’s agenda. It’s there own self-serving agenda, and that’s how were approaching this.

Identify those agitators who are not well intentioned or are calling for disruption and disorder and weeding those individuals out, so that the well-intentioned people can go about their business in this democratic state.

Clarke said he isn’t taking sides in the case of Dontre Hamilton, and that he is “on the side of law and order and rule of law.”

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