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Washington, D.C.- Reverend Al Sharpton was confronted again about his relationship with the FBI, this time he was questioned by an attendee at last week’s Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference.

During his broadcast, Sharpton was asked by Johnny Woods of Detroit, MI, to clear the air over allegations that he (Sharpton) worked with the FBI against other black civil rights leaders.

Sharpton denied working against civil rights leaders, but defended his work with FBI, saying he will continue to do so:

No. I gave all I could to the FBI on the mob, on those that were exploiting us in the music industry….I do not believe that we are gangsters and thugs that should not work with law enforcement against criminals in our community.

I underscore, I tried to get the FBI to get the mob, which I should have done, and I will try to get them to get [Officer Darren] Wilson right now in Ferguson. And if that makes you an informant, than that’s what I’ll be.

Watch the full exchange below:

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6 Responses

  1. blackyb

    I do not think Al Sharpton should represent the black communities. He is a trouble maker, a liar, a snitch, af hog in a skinny body and I would not trust him. to go pick up a newspaper. He stirs up trouble when there is none and creates an atmosphere of injustice for true victims of crime. Sharpton is a thug in a dress shirt that is paid for by those poor and black who he pretends to help. People like sharpton does not want the different communities working, producing, and caring for one another. He would be out of a job, this self promoter and hypocrit. He cares for no one but himself.

  2. blackyb

    What is with the ‘sally jaffee raphael’ glasses? Is Sharpton now trying to be like an old white woman? This man is sick and slick. He is so slick, you could wring oil out of him.

  3. KelCee

    See how he snaked that around to getting OW just to get the guy to lay off the FBI thing!That pic says it all!!LOL

  4. MrkSwft

    Mobsters only do business with other mobsters. They do shakedown legitimate businesses. Al is not a legitimate businessman of any sort. Stop following these parasite, they are sucking the life out of this country.

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