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Recent data released by the Chicago Police Department show residents and tourists have more to fear than dodging stray bullets. The CPD reports that criminal-sexual assaults are up 38% from 2013.

While the murder rate dominates the headlines, the numbers show the odds of being a victim of a criminal-sexual assault are nearly 4 times higher than being killed. There have been 691 criminal-sexual assaults in “Rahm’s Chicago” through June 29, this year, rivaling the city’s overall shooting incident total of 880.

Chicago Crime Data June 2014

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  1. Shell Gar

    Are these not the same atrocities that the illegal immigrants are freeing from? The fear of sexual abuse, the fear of gangs. Where can the people in the United States run to for asylum? I would love to see the illegals get to see a doctor and send them home. Then with the money the president wanted to use for the illegals. Let’s get a program started where we can help people find a job, and if they happen to apply online and get accepted well let’s help them move there. The money they were going to use to house the illegals should be used to help AMERICAN citizens.


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