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Washington, D.C.- Last week, on a panel at the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference hosted by Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-D), SEIU National Coordinator and President of Fast Food Foward, Kendall Fells told audience members flat out, the “Fight for $15” is “not a minimum wage campaign,” but is an effort to unionize the fast food industry.

While discussing the nationwide push for higher wages, Fells said:

Just to be clear, this is not a minimum wage campaign, these fast food workers are not trying to raise minimum wage. They want to sit down with the $200 billion fast food industry and get the money out of their pockets and negotiate a union contract with them.

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    Is anyone else haivng the issue where the trackpad no longer does the three finger swipe for advancing pages forward or back? Issue seemed to start after going to version 23 on both my Chromebook 550 and ARM versions.


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