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Thanks to the many of you in Illinois who are out their poll watching and acting as election judges today, doing your part in the brutal contest that is the primaries.

We have seen the worst in some this week, so many examples of just what turns most people off to politics. Professional politicians swinging their considerable weight around, taking sound bites and newspaper clips from the other guy and splashing it around as a headline–mudslinging is the name of the game–so I can’t blame people for not wanting to get involved. Most of us are too busy to do the hours of research that campaign managers do, finding the little gems of info on the other guy and using it to smear them.

The decisions we have to make today are hard ones, thanks to redistricting–many good republicans are forced to run against each other. But we all have a job to do today, to go and exercise our right to vote. Time to have a say in what is happening in the world around us, help force an end to crony capitalism, political incumbency and unaccountable government.

After all the hard work many have been doing, supporting the right guy, campaigning, canvassing and calling–it will make no difference if you don’t go to the polls and let your voice be heard.

You may be tired and some are ready to give up, but be confident that you are fighting the good fight and remember the only way to stop the left is to be firmly right.

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