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Yesterday, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky compared the Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee who voted to subpoena White House documents relating to the Solyndra bankruptcy scandal to “birthers.”

She apparently did not appreciate her collegues’ reasonable demands to see relevant documents pertaining to the White House’s involvement in the scandal.

As could be expected, the congresswoman who never shies away from ad hominem name-calling or metaphorically disparaging anyone who thinks differently than she does, went on the attack again.

The Hill reports:

“I doubt that anything the White House would have agreed to yesterday would have been sufficient. This is a majority that won’t take yes for an answer,” Schakowsky said Thursday ahead of the committee vote.

“And while you are at it why don’t you ask for more documents relating to the place of his birth, or as some members want, his school grades, and why not from kindergarten through law school,”

So Jan believes that elected officials who seek answers relating to a $535-million bad loan, with a trail that goes all the way up to White House, is just as silly as demanding to see the president’s birth certificate?

(This kind of comparison hardly makes any sense unless you do have the perspective, as the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign did, that seeing the president’s birth certificate is really important.)

Are the Republicans’ demands to see these documents indicative of an unwillingness to compromise over anything, or is Congresswoman Schakowsky exposing her own refusal to go along politely with anything other than what she wishes? After all, this is becoming quite a predictable pattern for the congresswoman.

In the past she has referred to Tea Partiers and conservatives who demand we restrain the government’s authority to that which is allowed by the U.S. Constitution as “Tenthers.” She also described Tea Partiers as radical hostage-takers when discussing the debt ceiling vote on the Rachel Maddow Show–and she once called Andrew Breitbart a “sleaze-bag” in a WLS radio interview, when discussing her desire to ban certain critical media who challenged her.

While she’s at it, why stop at the birth certificate? How about calling them racist or homophobic too? Or maybe she could really “tell it like it is,” and point out how the Republicans want to destroy the planet because they don’t think the government should be funding a company that can’t sustain itself.

It would seem–similar to her own views of those who oppose her and given her history of disparaging remarks made against people she doesn’t agree with–that nothing is actually good enough for Jan.

I doubt anything the Republicans agreed to yesterday would have been sufficient….

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  1. Jethro

    Nice smear campaign. Congresswoman Schakowsky is one of the only members of the entire congress who is standing up for the 99%. Bless her!

  2. Tom

    Schakowsky blows. She is an AIPAC war mongering whore. Dont let the liberal screen fool you. She voted for the bailouts, Libyan War, and licks AIPACs ass clean. She isnt a even a liberal, but a war mongering whore married to a criminal who steals from non profits.

  3. Megansdad

    Robert B. Creamer, the husband of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, was indicted today on federal charges of operating three check-kiting schemes that defrauded banks out of at least $2.3 million while he ran an Illinois public interest group.

    Creamer, 56, of Evanston, was charged with 16 counts of bank fraud for allegedly swindling nine different financial institutions. He also was charged with 18 counts of tax fraud.

    Creamer, went to prison in 2006 for bank fraud and tax evasion. That has not stopped him from demanding that Americans pay higher taxes and attacking Bank of America for introducing–as other banks have done–a monthy fee for debit card usage.

    “There’s been a lot of talk about how the progressive base is demobilized,” said Robert Creamer, a longtime organizer for progressive causes. “Not only do I believe this will inspire the progressive base, the same way that Tunisia inspired Egypt, but President Obama has framed up the issues perfectly.”

    • Rick Santelli's Belly

      Well this is exciting news! If only we had known about this 5 years ago.


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