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Herman Cain has categorically denied any actions of sexual harassment in the face of his accusers: two anonymous, plus one named but non-specific and one with only allegations. Politico, an offshoot of The Washington Post, broke the story using anonymous sources with CNN piling on–citing evidence from  an anonymous friend of one of the anonymous accusers.

Specific harassment allegations have been brought forth by Sharon Bialek, who out of nearly 10 million residents of Chicagoland occupied one of 700 condos in the same building as David Axelrod. Coincidence? Maybe, as sexual deviances brought down Obama’s senate primary opponent Blair Hull and the most daunting potential Republican challenger, Jack Ryan in Illinois are just a coincidence.

Research on the source of stories uncovering scandals proves interesting. The chart below identifies scandals and the source, mainstream or alternative media.

*Robert Novak was a token conservative writer for many mainstream papers

Whoever is right in the “he said, she said,” Cain has painted himself into a corner, and any substantial evidence of sexual harassment will destroy his candidacy.  Some conservatives have disagreed with me, believing since Clinton survived lying to the American public in matters of the flesh, Cain could also. But the mainstream media will not allow a successful black conservative to get away with it; those are the rules whether we like it or not.

The chart reveals two obvious realities. The mainstream media exposes primarily scandals about conservatives–the exceptions being the conservative New York Post exposing Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY)–and The Washington Post’s exposure of the Solyndra scandal.

Also apparent is the conservative-alternative media’s exposure of liberal scandals the left-leaning-alternative media doesn’t expose–perhaps leaving the work to the mainstream media.

Given the resources of the mainstream media relative to the alternative media, it is a stretch to believe the disparity is a coincidence.

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WC (Bill) Augustine

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