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Mike Allen of Politico tried to corner Governor Rick Perry into answering accusations that a supposed staffer in his campaign made about how the campaign has been run.

Unfortunately for Allen, Perry shut him down, exposed his dishonest slant and flat-out embarrassed him.

Can Governor Perry make a comeback for President? He can clearly handle the liberal media complex.


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  1. Michael

    Typical republican jackass. They are notorious for members only, closed door, and no press allowed events and policy meetings. They only advocate for transparency when it suits them. How quickly some forget that Dick Cheney sourced HIMSELF in the outing of Valerie Plame.

    The whole idea behind the free press is allowing them to have access to unnamed (at least in the short term) sources. There is absolutely no reason to assume that Mike Allen is making this up. The fact that Perry turned being on the defense into going on offense to attack Mike, is a clue that he’s dodging the issue and doesn’t want to talk about it (which means there probably is some factual basis for the question). And scoring points with like minded jackasses who paint the MSM with a singular brush of liberal bias is just an added bonus.

    It is always funny how the republican jackasses have no trouble supposedly seeing right through the MSM liberal bias, but somehow COMPLETELY miss it on their own favorite conservative outlets.

    • LibertyAtStake

      “Michael” – you are a typical Leftist troll, lying and obfuscating. (1)The record shows Richard Armitage outed Plame. (2) There is EVERY reason to suspect the corrupt and biased MSM makes stuff up – because they;ve been caught red handed doing it. From Dan Rather on down. (3) “The fact that Perry turned … ” is a sign the GOP is catching on and the jig will soon be up for the corrupt and biased MSM.

      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”


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