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William Kelly of the Kelly Truth Squad brought more attention to the recent email leak showing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s staff intimately coordinated scenes and scripts with CNN crew during the production of the eight part mini-series, “Chicagoland.”

At a press conference on Wednesday, while Emanuel was taking questions about the emails and the film, Kelly pressed Emanuel:

KELLY: “Will CNN be reporting the cost of the production as an in-kind contribution to your campaign for reelection?”

EMANUEL: “Don’t you think that’s a question for them [CNN] to answer?”

Chicagoland was billed as a documentary, however after learning of the Emanuel’s staff involvement in the production, many are now questioning the “journalistic integrity” of the film.

Kelly told RebelPundit, “Granting access is one thing – but mapping out storylines and camera angles is another. Rahm’s re-election is under a year from now and the nice infomercials he had that CNN probably planned to keep re-airing – are tarnished now. But at least he didn’t have to spend millions producing, airing, and advertising his new branding campaign.”

From The Truth Squad:

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