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Released recently FBI data shows that homicides for the city of Chicago had decreased in 2013 versus 2012. As reported earlier this month by RebelPundit, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy didn’t speak about the increase in aggravated assaults. Now, Mason Johnson of CBS Chicago looked at the homicide rate broken down by neighborhood. He found that few of the highest crime areas had a homicide rate in 2013 lower than that in 2012.

Looking at the 10 neighborhoods with the most homicides, only three had fewer murders in 2013 than they did in 2012: Austin, West Garfield Park and Greater Grand Crossing.

The other seven saw an increase or no change in the number of murders: South Shore, Englewood, West Englewood, West Pullman, Roseland, North Lawndale and Auburn Gresham.
When looking at all of these neighborhoods combined, you don’t find a decrease in homicides, you find an increase.

CBS Chicago

CBS Chicago

Johnson estimated that there was actually a 4.3% increase in homicides in those neighborhoods. Although the population of those neighborhoods only represents 15% for Chicago, 50% of homicides occur there.

The rest of Chicago may be safer, but the violence hasn’t abated in the most dangerous neighborhoods.



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  1. Linda Nitzschke

    Is anyone really surprised about the numbers? The Left makes it so easy these days. Whatever they claim to be the situation…you can pretty much assume the opposite to be true, instead. Unless, it happens to be an admission by a guy with the name of Gruber, who, by allowing his speeches to be recorded, was just as stupid as the stupid voters he referenced.

  2. Timothy W Lucas

    The numbers will go down eventually under the mayor that runs naked through the spa. There simply will be no young black males left. Had “the one” created jobs instead of bringing the top down or wrecking the middle class there might have been more than drugs to attract black men but the unemployment rate about 50% for those in the city of Chicago making it very difficult to break free of drugs and murder. It is so sad that this man born in Kenya has done so little to improve the future of his own race. An opportunity certainly wasted by hate and contempt for the very same country he is unfortunately president of.


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