Pin It founder, Jeremy Segal, joined Dana Loesch on The Blaze’s “Dana” in Dallas, TX, Monday to discuss his latest video release from Chicago.

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  1. Kristen W.

    God bless the work you all are doing! And may His Spirit continue to guide you!
    It is time for REAL hope and change!

  2. John Eidson

    I am trying to contact the four black men in Chicago who appeared in a Rebel Pundit video criticizing Obama and the Democrats. When I enter the security code on the Rebel Pundit email form, I keep getting an error message. Do you have a regular email address for someone at Rebel Pundit?

    Thanks for any help you may be able to lend!

  3. Tina

    Could you please see to it that new venisors of the Google Talk plugin make it into to Chrome OS as fast as possible? 🙂 I have had my new Chromebook for a week now and I still can’t use effects in Hangouts. Thanks


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