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Jeremy Segal “Rebel Pundit” of joined Tommy Thompson, Senators Pat Toomey and Ron Johnson, Vicki McKenna, and others in addressing the Racine, Wisc., Tea Party rally this past Saturday.

Segal, who entered the arena in a “uni0n goon” costume, complete with SEIU t-shirt and “elect Jimmy Hoffa” hat , called on Wisconsin to keep up the fight during these last ten days. Segal said:

“So you have more and more examples, as Andrew used to say, of the mainstream media and the ‘new’ Democratic party, showing nothing but contempt for all of you and us. I want you guys all to fight for the next ten days, make sure we take them out of power. Do not be ashamed when they ask you ‘who are you taking your country back from?’ And they try to trap you into sounding like some sort of bigot that you are not.

Tell them, ‘You. You sick, totalitarian, statist, freak. That’s who we’re taking the country back from.’

Segal ended by calling on the crowd to carry on Andrew Breitbart’s mission to destroy the mainstream media and take our country back:

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