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Believe it or not, things in Chicago may actually be taking a turn (further) to the left, as Rahm Emanuel heads into a runoff election against alleged communist Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for mayor.

At the time of publishing, Emanuel held 45 percent of the vote to Garcia’s 33 percent, with about 98 percent of precincts reporting. Anything less than 50 percent +1 will land Rahm Emanuel in an April runoff to keep his office in City Hall.

The runoff could also be a harbinger of things to come in the Democrat party as it pits establishment Democrat Rahm against a farther-left progressive Garcia — much like the anticipated matchup between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

Emanuel has come under tremendous fire for nickel-and-diming residents with red-light and speed cameras as well as new user fees on cable television, and has never lived down closing 50 public schools halfway through his first term.

With Chicago residents clamoring for anyone-but-Rahm, challengers from the left lined up to dethrone the sitting mayor. It was Garcia who came in second, with enough votes to force a runoff after Tuesday’s election results.

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, is a longtime Chicago politician. He was a Chicago alderman from 1986 to 1993, an Illinois state senator from 1993 to 1999 and is currently a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

Garcia was endorsed early by Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and the neo-liberal

During his 1986 campaign for City Council, the Chicago Tribune reported his opponent Guadalupe Martinez, a local entrepreneur said, “My opponent Jesus Garcia is 100 percent communist, if not 110 percent.

The Chicago Tribune also wrote at the time:

Garcia, 29….is a polished politician and a deputy commissioner in the city Water Department. He was a protege of political activist Rudy Lozano and has emulated him to the point of shaving off his goatee to increase his resemblance to the neighborhood folk hero slain by an 18-year-old gang member in 1983. (emphasis added)

Rudy Lozano was a Chicago community and labor organizer gunned down in 1983 by “gang bangers.” However, some say he was assassinated for his political activity.

The Communist Party U.S.A. later named a lifetime of leadership award after Lozano, Garcia’s mentor.

While accepting the Rudy Lozano and Chris Hani Social Justice Award for a Lifetime of Leadership, from the Communist Party U.S.A., Congressman Danny Davis said, “Rudy Lozano and I worked closely together to try and build and a relationship between Latino and African-American activists and union types…we called ourselves Progressives.”

Chicagoans are now left to choose their medicine. Sadly they will not choose a path away from the neoliberalism that has devastated the city for generations.

**Update** KeyWiki has much more on Garcia’s roots in communism and ties to the Communist Party U.S.A.


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  1. Tom Thornton

    They voted for more communism to bring relief for the problems communism has caused. LOL. This is what happens when Satan is leading you.


    What is the problem with you people in CHICAGO ? All of you cannot be stuck on stupid, but apparently you are!! Keep on electing DEMOCRAT and your future is gonna be that of DETROIT. The first domino to fall in the PROGRESSIVE lifestyle that our government sold as the new UTOPIA. WAKE UP AMERICA !!

    • Lone Wolf

      Unfortunately we don’t have Republicans of any kind willing to run for most positions of City or County Government.

  3. Denise

    We don’t even get a republican ballot here. When voting for state or city officials, the ballots don’t include opponents- so the shoe-ins rule. Thank you for this article. I would have voted differently yesterday, had I known. But they wanted our vote to split w this lineup anyway.

    • Michael Volpe

      Look up the name William Hale Thompson. Nearly one hundred years later the damage this man has done not only to the City of Chicago but to the Chicago Republican Party continues. Thompson is the main reason why this city remains a one party city. The party has never recovered from the damage he created.

  4. Paul Harris

    This article is full of BS. I’m not sure where you’ve pulled the idea from, that using such academic words as communist and neo-liberalism, gives you credibility. Emanuel is a neo-liberal, not Garcia. You should really get a bureau in Chicago to learn and understand why and how Chicago politics works. Wikipedia is not journalism.

  5. Herman Costine

    When the “stupid” elect either one of these lefties they deserve what they get. It’s just that all Chicagoans will have to suffer along with them.

  6. Scharell Young

    well maybe if he wouldn’t have called people on the other side of the state all month for this election instead of talking to people in HIS district he could have gotten the vote! I live in Milan, IL, which is on the IA boarder, yet every day I received a call reminding me to vote and the reasons why….how stupid!!!

  7. Kevin

    You’re mis-using the word “neoliberalism.” Neoliberals are more or less modern conservatives/capitalists.

  8. jon

    As others have mentioned, you’re grossly misusing the term “neo-liberal” — a term admittedly lame to start with. Neo-liberals are to the right of liberals… and sometimes quite a bit to the right. There’s more to it than that, but google is our friend.

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