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Last night we attended this extraordinarily creepy freak show, “The Occupy Chicago General Assembly.” Extreme radical Lisa Fithian, who is behind all of the “Occupy Protests” was on hand to address the flea infested nut-jobs.

BigGovernment has the story:

Lisa Fithian, the anarchist who is organizing #OccupyWallSt “direct actions” with unions and Democrats across the country, addressed several hundred evidently brainwashed activists at their “General Assembly” in Chicago on October 10, 2011.

She described the coordination between “community-based organizations” and unions across the country in a “fall campaign,” and described the racial speech codes that #Occupy enforces at its meetings.

Fithian actually calls for white men to speak first at meetings, in order to create a racial solidarity that can unite all of #Occupy’s disparate groups.

The cult-like crowd repeated almost every word.

[vsw id=”VLGcEcpSBU0″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

See the transcript here.

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  1. Ashley

    Just to make it clear, Lisa Fithian says that those who have privilege (the white males) should make room for the undocumented, poor and other disenfranchised groups by giving them the chance to speak. I also believe the crowd is repeating everything she says because it was a very large group assembled and it can be hard to hear if you’re not near the megaphone.


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