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Wow, the stories coming from our “friends” in the “occupy movement” just keep getting more and more shocking. After all, these folks are the world’s greatest champions of love, peace and acceptance of those who are different than they are.

Certainly it is just a “freak” occurrence that a black man would be called a “n***er,” at Occupy Portland.

H/T: The Gateway Pundit:

From: The Registered Gaurd

PORTLAND — A man who displayed a handgun at Occupy Portland’s downtown encampment after a dispute with protesters has been arrested, police said in a statement Thursday.

The argument took place Wednesday afternoon when 32-year-old Jason C. Parker was challenged verbally by protesters after filming tents, police said. One of the protesters used a racial epithet against Parker, who is black, police said.

A witness said Parker was filming inside tents without permission and displayed the gun more than once after protesters at the camp displayed knives.

“He pulled his shirt halfway up and showed me he had a piece,” said Jason Kersten, who works in the camp’s security group. “This is a peaceful protest. You don’t bring a gun.”

Kersten acknowledged that someone used a racial epithet.

“The N-word was used by some people in the camp,” he said.

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  1. Sarah Morrigan

    It always helps to remember that Portland is the whitest major city in the United States at this point. Back in the 1930s, KKK had one of the strongest presence and membership in Portland, with even the mayor and a judge being Klansmen. Even in recent years, Portland area has hosted a number of Neo-Nazi and Klan events.

    • Robert Neville

      Ok Sarah I’m confused, that bit of Portland’s sad history excuses who, or explains what?

      Does it justify the Black guy in tents flashing a pistol, or the knife wielding guys calling him a N*gger?



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