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The Illinois Family Institute received a violent and threatening letter, according the Illinois Review.

The letter, sent from a Casey Corbin’s Facebook profile and reads as follows:

“A prayer for all of you.

Dear lord, I ask that you strike down the children of any staff, supporters or friends of this EVIL hate group.

May their children have cancer, be hit by cars or murdered.

May the staff and founders be victims of a mass shooting or bombing – that would be nice!!!

And finally, may any children of that very unattractive WHORE – Laurie Higgins – be slaughtered and offered to your greatness lord. May her entire family be struck down and return to Hell from which they came. FUCK YOU Laurie Higgins and your entire disgusting family!!!


Illinois Review points out that the profile called Casey Corbin appears to be a “front” for another individual or group.

It is unclear what steps IFI may take to protect itself and its staff. According to Smith, this is fairly typical of the hate calls, emails, letters and faxes they regularly receive.

Readers may recall that on August 15, 2012, a left-wing gunman entered the Washington DC headquarters of the conservative Family Research Council and shot a security guard. The gunman, 28-year-old Floyd Corkins II, had served as a volunteer at a LGBT community center.

When asked by the FBI how he chose his target, Corkins cited the Southern Poverty Law Center, and said he “found them online”. Believing the security guard he shot was connected with the Family Research Council, he told him “I don’t like your politics.”

**UPDATE** Casey R. Corbin appears to be the director of the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition. Read more here.

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