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President Obama was in Chicago on Monday evening campaigning for Governor Pat Quinn and Senator Dick Durbin. He was there to encourage the crowd to participate in early voting. ABC 7 reporter Charles Thomas stated the Jones Convocation Center, was not filled.

Thomas did his best to paint the president’s visit as a success, “When it comes to Chicago, especially on the South Side, Obama has not lost his political magic. Sunday night at the Jones Convocation Center, it was filled to near-capacity.”

Thomas reported 6,000 attendees at the rally to re-elect Quinn, but the capacity at the center is 7000. This comes on the heels of a crowd at a Maryland rally walking out during another speech by the president.

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    • Jerry

      The African-American communities around the US should listen to these men. They should have been the voice of reason in Ferguson instead of Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton.


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