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Only 50% of Americans believe that calling the police will help resolve a situation, according to the Huffington Post. The poll also revealed the disparity in trust for the black community.

White respondents were more likely than any other race polled to say they thought police would resolve a situation peacefully, while black respondents were the most likely to say police would make it more volatile.

The poll also showed that 28 percent of respondents had called the police to resolve a dispute in the past, while 72 percent never had. These findings were relatively uniform across racial demographics.





The poll also found that 58% of black respondents believed that police brutality existed in their neighborhood.



The Huffington Post and YouGov have done a number of polls around the issues of race and the police since the death of Michael Brown.

Here is a great hip-hop video from RebelPundit contributor Rob Hustle that may explain why Americans are feeling this way:

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  1. Ric HART in NYC

    i don’t dispute findings/% of survey (not qualified). what i’d like to add to the facet of race as it affects disposition of calls is the matter of “gender” in DV domestic violence calls. should a MAN dial for the cops to come to quell a female-initiated problem, oftentimes (according to a DV attorney) it’s the male caller who gets taken away by the responding cops. as to the % of such, dunno. i DO firmly believe that overall “behavior” (& underlying Official Policy) of lawmen would ameliorate were their job title be changed from Police Officer to PEACE Officer. sure, there would initially be entrenched resistance, + mocking by gloating critics when discrepancies come to light; that said, methinks one word (peace) is or should be universally understood. the word police is open to wide interpretation. last comment: a military soldier can/may/ought to apply MAXIMUM force to effectuate results (disabling?), whereas a Peace/Police Officer ought to apply the MINIMUM physical force in order to effectuate civil authority’s mandate to quell disturbances &/or safeguard persons or property (IMHO). as to exactly HOW to safely and reliably and properly/respectfully apply this MINIMUM FORCE to restore calm & stability (or whatever): there are probably dust-covered guidebooks prepared by generations of practical, experienced, realistic law-enforcement HUMANS from decades past, when low-tech methods HAD to work. i think that most civilians should learn “aikido” (not karate) to be able to defend THEMSELVES without arms (arms can be confiscated or used against the ‘owner’). although i do not know aikido (my age 62), from what i understand it can be safely used to adequately defend/protect, without being an aggressor/perp(?). there ought to be more sane public town-hall civil society meetings and family-based attempts to discover and share WHAT WORKS. right now we the little people don’t have a plan B. i am vegan (out of consideration for animal treatment) and right-to-life, even for obvious murderers and such. i WOULD seal them in a permanent 3ft X 6ft X 6ft cell (with skylight), + zero slaughterhouse “food” for such. feedback welcome.


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